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Michael Brown Was A Brutal Bully Who Committed A Forced Robbery Before Being Shot

As I cautioned day one about the Brown killing, as facts pour out now we see that his family is either delusional or liars and the cop probably was assaulted by Brown who wasn’t some ‘gentle giant’ after all but was a bully who pushed people around and shoving people he robbed, not even bothering to run because he assumed his victims were too scared to stop him.


Click here to see the CCTV proof that Michael Brown is not an innocent youth:  Ferguson police call Michael Brown a robbery suspect, identify Darren Wilson as officer who shot him – The Washington Post Continue reading


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Mrs. Obama Complains About Increasing ‘Resegregation’ In Schools

One of the Most Dangerous Schools in America – YouTube, Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia, PA.

Just this week, at a commencement speech, the First Lady complained about the deteriorating situation in schools especially predominantly black schools.  Here is the NYT story complete with no comments allowed:  Michelle Obama Cites View of Growing Segregation – NYTimes.com


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13 Year Old Cartrail ‘Tha King’ Robertson Murder Highlights Gangsta Wannabe Black Teen Problems

13 year old wannabe gangsta boy killed  Cartrail tha King Robertson

Brooklyn residents don’t appreciate Spike Lee’s rants on gentrification: Mr. Lee was allowed, due to being a Hollywood personality living in NYC, to perform a disgusting, very racist, obscene rant about fixing up neighborhoods that once declined into crime-riddled slums.  The two neighborhoods this upper East Side Manhattan Super Star criticized was two places I was very active in cleaning up and renovating.  That is, Park Slope and Fort Greene.  It wasn’t the house repairs that worked when I was operating there, it was my very proactive, arrest anyone street patrols we organized back in the 1970’s.  This was literal life and death.  My block, before the patrols began, had a monthly murder rate that was very high, three in one month the same month we decided, after blocking off the street with discarded couches, to change via being very, very active at night.  And it worked and this pissed off Sharpton and Lee no end and both attacked me, personally, for doing this because I was a white woman.

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What’s The Matter With Kansas: Race Politics Under Microscope

kansas city tactical squad

Kansas City SWAT rounds up criminals with warrants – YouTube

Liberals profess to being confused about Kansas being basically right wing Republican.  This is viewed on the left with distain and ill-concealed  hatred which is returned in similar kind by Republicans.  This is a great national divide and understanding how Kansas operates politically means looking at race and class statistics and we must ponder many issues that divide Americans.  The Immigrant Nation goes through various surges of distress due to floods of foreigners.  The social upheavals this cause are powerful.  The US cannot stand for long as a nation if we encourage and copy thug behavior, both the ghetto thug and the woman abusing biker ethos.  White and black youth are being marginalized and cut out of the workplace by foreign labor from Hispanic and Asian nations.

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Der Zimmerman News: Flash! Wife Lied About Gun And Other Things, Charges Dropped, Black Commentators Go Nuts Again

Back to Der Zimmerman: the media can’t let go.  He and his wife got in a spat and then she claimed he had a gun and was violent but then the police found no gun and she decided she had exaggerated things a tad and charges were then dropped but NOT THE STORY!

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Oklahoma Prosecutor Says No Race Motives In Aussie Baseball Player Murder

This news is both astonishing as well as racist:  Prosecutor: No race motive in shooting of Australian in Oklahoma.  The excuse?  There was a teen who was sort of ‘white’ involved as the driver of the killers!  So it isn’t ‘racist’ even though the murderer himself made many open comments about hunting and killing white people for racist reasons.  This odd whitewash of reality is being done so that a ‘race war’ won’t happen only…we are in a race war just like we fund ethnic cleansing wars overseas.


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The Constant Gangsta Culture Amoral Nihilism Is Destroying Black, White and All Children

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 5.52.53 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 5.52.43 PMScreen shot 2013-08-22 at 5.52.28 PM

‘HATE THEM’: Here’s What Teen Accused of Murdering Australian Student Had to Say About ‘White’ People, Guns and Killing on Twitter | TheBlaze.com: the mainstream media drops the ball again just like with the Trayvon affair.  They didn’t bother to look up the Facebook and Twitter pages of the young black males involved in crime situations to see what they really think.  Just like Trayvon did some gangsta poses and talked about making illegal drugs and using guns for criminal activities he was planning and above all, using the word ‘Nigger’ all the time…so did these latest punks who murdered an innocent white man due to the media coverage of the Trayvon death. Continue reading


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