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UKIP Mass Anti-Global Warming/Alien Invasion Rally Scares PM May

Russian TV carried this story!  Showed the entire demonstration by UKIP against the Real Rulers and their stupid European Union ‘peasants get no sovereignty’ scam.  May tried to kill Brexit by negotiating with her globalist buddies to enslave the Brits even worse than before.  This patriotic demonstration for Britain was huge, friendly and with an undertone of great anger about how the country is being destroyed by the elites including the Queen and her kooky clan of goofball ‘royals’.

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Cameron Threatens To Take UK Out Of EU Due To Aliens Invading England

▶ €315 Billion: EU unveils plan to revive its ailing economy – YouTube


The sanctions against Russia are destroying Europe’s economy.  World oil prices are falling which hurts Russia…but also all the US supported Muslim dictatorships in the Middle East.  In England, the political system is blowing up due to EU policies and the banking collapse.  The EU and US press are in a full-blown effort to show that Crimea is very unhappy with Putin’s protection while totally ignoring the savage military attacks on Eastern Ukraine.  This is all part of a huge Xmas package celebrating WWI.  From Bilderberg Santa Claus, our friendly local rulers.

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Biggest Tech Firms In US Hire Mostly Cheap B1 Asian Labor

asian tech workers seldom become bosses

The above bar graphs show clearly how our main tech corporations hire mainly B1 Asian labor while the bosses are mainly white European dudes who meet each other mainly when at a university.  I picked out only a few corporations to show this effect.  The fact is, all our corporations depend on foreign labor for greater profits for the very, very rich who get richer and richer faster and faster this way.  Another funny thing is, virtually all the tech corporations hired only 1% black but nearly all had 2% black executives which shows how debilitating the ‘token blacks kicked upstairs’ doesn’t help blacks in general, at all.

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Bilderberg Bullies, Krugman And Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, Snarl At Scots

▶ Braveheart Freedom Speech (HD) – YouTube

It increasingly looks like, despite the news that the Prince of England is spawning more children, the Scots want to exit this lovely hotel and live on their own which has thoroughly enraged the Bilderberg gang which wants to decimate many countries but not their home bases like England or the US.  Or Ukraine, for that matter.  But the Scots are determined and the more the media owners and their political pals scream at the Scots, the more the Scots shake their fists and yell their famous battle cries.

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Bilderberg Gang Pushes Hard For WWIII: Russia Demands They Release Malaysia Jet Data, They Refuse

total nuclear warfare

Warmongering Zionist Anne Applebaum talks about causing nuclear war in this editorial:  War in Europe is not a hysterical idea – The Washington Post.  She claims Russia wants nuclear war!  So Scowcroft, Hadley and Miller: NATO-based nuclear weapons are an advantage in this looming nuclear war meaning, the US plans to annihilate Russia using nuclear bombs ignoring China, for example.  The warmongers have gone totally insane at this point.  They really think they will win a nuclear war with Russia and China.

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EU Impose Negative Savings Rate Claiming Falsely That There Is No Inflation!


ZIRP lending and raging gasoline inflation

ALFRED Graph – ALFRED – St. Louis Fed: Starting in the 1990’s, our government and Europe’s elites all removed the very vital energy and food data from inflation statistics which then allowed them to devalue capital from savings and have artificially low interest rates. This, in turn, has made speculators and bankers very, very rich and spawned one equity/asset bubble after another.  Which, in turn, has driven many governments deep into debt and wrecked the banking system and made everyone who is middle class and poorer, much, much poorer.  This raid on capital is destroying capitalism.

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All Over EU, Nationalist Right Parties Win Big

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 6.40.39 AM

Barely 40% of the voters turned out for the EU elections and of these, many if not most voted for right wing national socialist parties that want to limit immigration and have own currency. The EU is a Bilderberg creation from day one.  It is protected by NATO which means US taxpayers who have to die for everyone’s political machinations.  This latest election featured many voters, despite the apathy, voting against the concept of the EU.  Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the rigged election (because Eastern Ukraine is under military violent suppression during this ‘election’) an oligarch won which made NATO happy but the real vote happened earlier when half of Ukraine voted to exit the state entirely.  Which is exactly what we saw in many of the EU elections yesterday.

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