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Arrest Mueller, Charge Him With Treason: Conspired With Ukraine To Frame Trump

Our Real Rulers are insane as well as criminals.  They keep trying to start WWIII.  Hillary goofed in the last debate with Trump by gloating about how an US nuclear missile sneak attack could destroy Moscow in less than six minutes.  The stupid attempt at framing Trump as a traitor due to negotiating with Russia has collapsed and now is exposed as totally fake: the DNC was playing footsie with the Ukraine dictator who cooperated in framing Trump on false charges.

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Right After DNC Globalists Take Over The House, GM Closes Many Car Plants Here, Imports From China Instead

Barely two weeks after the DNC took over the House, this happens:  GM closes many car production plants while importing SUVs made in China!  No longer scared that Congress would punish GM, they make another globalist move.  Most of the money in the past two elections went to the DNC and was handed over by rich people who got rich soaking the US public and running huge trade deficits.  Also, the elites whine about global warming, yet again as we all freeze to death in November.

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Ukrainian Kid Fools McCain Into Offering Troops And War Against Russia


This is NOT in mainstream news.  Yes, McCain is sending a letter to Trump to urge him to send ‘lethal weapons’ to Ukraine.  The GOP/DNC Bilderberg gang forced Trump to send away Flynn who was flying too close to the source of all power and would stop the resurrection of NATO and the Cold War.  I note here that there is this conspiracy to both restart the Cold War and our stupid allies in Europe plan to force US taxpayers to pay for all this, too.  McCain should be investigated for doing illicit diplomacy with a country that isn’t even part of NATO.  This is treason.

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No Butter In Japan: Trade Restrictions Are Very Severe In Japan

As expected, only libertarians and far left liberals in Congress voted against the latest stupid trade treaties that the Bilderberg absolutely adore and push so hard to impose on everyone.  Fascists in places like Japan loves these deals because they don’t protect US jobs and allow them, even first world economic powers, to continue exporting hugely to the US while restricting imports.  Here is the latest from Japan:  Japan braces for another butter shortage!  Yes, butter has been for generations, restricted in Japan and you are not allowed to buy more than a tiny amount at a time and this disappears regularly.  A top economic nation cannot have enough butter…or toilet paper…or any common thing the rest of us take for granted.  All in the name of preventing even the most normal imports.



“The government plans to have butter imports on a scale sufficient for stable supply,” said Agriculture Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Tuesday, adding details of the emergency measure will be announced this week…Last year’s butter imports—7,000 tons in May and a further 3,000 tons in September—were the first time in years that Tokyo had raided foreign dairy markets.

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Ukraine, Japan And US Want WWIII

China navy warns US spy plane in disputed South China Sea as things heat up there. The US encouraged Japan to renew its history of unilateral territorial seizures and so China, deciding that diplomacy was dead, did the same thing to the howls of Japan and US rulers who wanted to humiliate China and negotiate nothing.  This comes on the tail end of Obama negotiating a CO2 treaty with China which outsiders and many Americans view as suicidal for the US.  Why our rulers are doing this is baffling.  They want to make oodles of money off of the CO2 scam while at the same time, they want to control China which is by far, the world’s greatest manufacturing power.  At the same time, the rich in the US want to import Chinese goods and profit from selling these to Americans.  A muddled mess that will end badly, I say.

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Russia Saves Americans Left Stranded In Yemen

‘Nobody will help us evacuate:’ Americans urge Washington to help flee Yemen war as the US dithers.  Our government that pours many billions and even a trillion or two dollars into various stupid foreign adventures and yelling about protecting everyone, isn’t protecting Americans as our allies, the Saudis, bomb Yemen.  So, Russia, the Evil Empire, rescues our citizens:

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Death Metal: Suicidal Pilots And Cause Warmongering Nuts Ruling US To Start Wars

▶ SilkAir Flight 185 – Pilot Suicide in 1997, Indonesia crash killing 104 passengers


We just witnessed a horrific crash of a passenger plane in Europe and it took only a day to get the black boxes and find out all the information.  It was suicide/mass murder by a crazy pilot.  Meanwhile, the black boxes from the Ukraine shoot down of the Malaysian airliner, we have zero information from these black boxes and no final report at all.  Then there are all the mystery vanishing of mainly Malaysian jets flying over the Pacific Ocean.  Pilots have murdered hundreds of passengers in the past just like this week’s crash.

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