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Yellen, No Surprise, Will Keep ZIRP Banking Going Despite Obvious Huge Inflation Surges

Federal Reserve cornucopia

A photo I took in DC showing the cornucopia of the Federal Reserve

Our elites have done various things over the years that created the present economic mess.  They did all these things in order to make themselves richer and more powerful but this process has destroyed the US economic base and many of our manufacturing cities lie in smoldering ruins today thanks to stupid policies.  It all began with the Vietnam War and politicians hiding the real cost of that war via printing money.  To do this, Nixon and Burns cut the gold standard.  To fix the following hyperinflation, free trade was instituted whereby the US now imports more and more manufactured goods, this in turn, killed our cities and laid waste to the working class that once manufactured goods.


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Commuter Train In Santiago de Compostela Blown Up, Over 50 Dead

Spain train explosion

Exclusive Footage: Spain high speed train crashes near Santiago de Compostela [COMPLETE VIDEO] – YouTube: this looks a great deal like a bomb attack.  The rails were sound, the station is all straight rails, there were no other vehicles or trains on the track and the first car is blown to shreds and thrown up in the air whereas the other cars were in an accordion behind it.


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