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Scottish You Tube Comedian Found Guilty Of Making Hitler Jokes With His Pug Dog

(5) BREAKING: Count Dankula Convicted (#GrosslyOffensive) – YouTube


The Scottish You Tuber who created a joke pug video with the doggie Hailing Hitler, was found guilty of being ‘offensive’ and was to be sentenced today but he was let free to go home…TEMPORARILY…this is the Bilderberg State attacking citizens relentlessly.  This is disgusting news because I believe in Free Speech, my family went to the New World due to publishing the wrong stuff, fleeing the Crown in London…to hell with them.  They are trying to stop free speech in the USA, too!  To hell with them.

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English Voters Reward Tories, Anger About Aliens, Scotland Freedom Core Issues This Election

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An email ad I received today all about getting into Europe or North America to steal social services and get into schools for free.


The fractured United Kingdom just had an election and despite the polls that showed the conservatives weak, they won handily.  This comes as no surprise to me.  UKIP shook up the Tories who had to stop playing the Bilderberg internationalist game and pretend for this election to care about saving England from being swamped by legal and illegal aliens out to get free stuff.   Cut welfare, shrink the state, scrap the Human Rights Act: welcome to Cameron’s Britain cries one headline.  The Labour Party was destroyed by the exit of nearly all the Scottish voters, an action I predicted last year due to the Scots voting against independence due to a bunch of promises with zero chance of being actually honored.

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Imperialist Wars Are Good According To Stanford Professor And Bezos Washington Post Owner

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(Story from The Times | UK News, World News and Opinion)


As NATO and the pivot to Asia hurtles the US towards WWIII, every excuse for warmongering has every  major US media foaming at the mouth.  The biggest pusher for wars is the Huffington Post, vying with the Washington Post for ‘most foam at the mouth rabid warmongering.  Meanwhile, at his press conference, President Obama sighs: ‘Why Is It That Everybody Is So Eager To Use Military Force?’  Indeed, we just had a bunch of tornadoes tear up the deep south and Congress will give them aid money because our corrupt Congress is OK with that if it is a southern state but if the northern states get disasters like last winter, there is no money because we are going bankrupt.  Thanks mainly to our wild warmongering and free trade.

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