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The Scouring Of The Shire: How Dispossessed English And French Normandy Peasants Rebuilt The Shire In The New World

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Agriculture — Per Square Mile: medieval strip farms transplanted into the New World by dispossessed European farmers.


This is rarely taught in American schools today: the series of revolutions and uprisings that swept the English countryside and how the freeing of the serfs led to them creating their own insular political system called ‘shires’.  The concept of a shire is very, very old and predates the Norman Conquest.  The Normans were few in number and quickly figured out how to exploit the shire concept and this is how the Normans moved wide and far, taking over things via the shire system.  Often this could be a bloody business as the old shire masters fought heroically back and this is where Robin Hood legends come from.  We should get rid of local policing. Ferguson shows why the system just doesn’t work. – The Washington Post is an editorial that claims the only way to run America is the Russian Czar system which Jewish immigrants are most familiar with and I say, as the daughter of the English system, this is a terrible solution!


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Pentagon Cuts $3 Billion From US Soldier Retirement Funds, Congress Gives Israel $3 Billion


The incredibly dangerous road the AIPAC politicians have chosen to drive so fast on is leading to this incredible cliff: enraged US soldiers going hunting for traitors.  The cuts to retirement money will hit them just like cuts to Social Security and all other programs for Americans while Jewish financiers bribe Congress to give Jews in Israel billions and billions of dollars of US taxpayer money.  We are told we have no money even for our soldiers but have plenty for foreign wars and Israel’s security and social services.  This stupid refusal to understand how giving money to Jews while cutting money to Americans can lead to the destruction of all Jews is…incredibly blind.  This sad state of affairs won’t make so much as a peep in the mainstream news but the internet is very powerful and angry soldiers will go hunting for information about all this because they know they are being cheated.

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