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Our Rulers Can’t Even Organize A Fleet Week Parade Due To No Money

It is all rather tiresome. The Council on Foreign Relations feeds into our political system its inherent bias for evil dictators.  This has been true my entire life.  There is no right wing dictator too awful for these elites!  Many are Democrats which gives lie to ‘liberalism’ since this is all about Naziism.  The very favorite Nazi nation is Israel, much beloved by these AIPAC creatures.

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China Is Going To Stop Hoarding US Trade Dollars: US/Japan Aggression Irks China

PBOC Says No Longer in China’s Interest to Increase Reserves – Bloomberg:  China now holds over $3.5 TRILLION US dollars.  As well as $1.3 trillion in US government debt money.  Money is simply pouring into China thanks to China’s very strong industrial base.  Zhou Xiaochuan unlike his Japanese counterpart, has allowed the yuan to rise in value against the dollar while Japan has been permitted to do the opposite.


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DC Private Investigators Uncover $34 TRILLION Stash In Brit Royal Territorial Islands

world's most expensive painting is stupid


$155 million Picasso painting which is very simple and rather stupid.  But famous!

Nearly all of the top US media outlets are owned by rich billionaires.  So we get Billionaire News like Bloomberg News or the NYT or WP or all the Murdoch outlets plus all the major TV stations.  They quietly kill any news that might harm their super-rich status.  The latest news to be blacked out here in the US is the story broken by a Washington, DC group of investigators.  They pried into the private stashes of the super rich that are parked in ‘banks’ on islands owned by the Queen of England. Continue reading


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