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Thousands More US Steel Workers Lose Jobs Due To Free Trade

Gary, Indiana, is a dying industrial giant city just like Detroit and Camden, NJ.  These cities were killed by global free trade.  The price we paid for cheap foreign goods including cheaper cars, is the annihilation of most of our first world industries.  In any world war situation, we are toast since we import much of what we use and if we are fighting China, they have the industrial base and we do not.


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The ‘Great Immensity’ LIARS Paid $700,000 To Make Propaganda Musical Warning People About Being Warm

Global warmists: The Great Immensity spends hundreds of millions of dollars

http://thegreatimmensity.org/: The Federal government via the National Science Foundation funded climate change musical to tune of $700,000 to this theater troupe and its leaders to make a musical about how we are all going to roast to death unless we pay very high CO2 taxes on energy especially in winter.  Read the text here!  Note that this isn’t a ‘climate change’ musical, it is all about how WISCONSIN which is still struggling to dig out of this winter in mid-April, is going to see ‘higher than average temperatures year-round’!  It also claims more people die of ‘extreme heat’ in Wisconsin compared to ‘brutal winters’.  Or tornadoes.

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