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Antarctic Ice Hockey Stick: Ice Is Growing, Winter Cold Spreading

increasing antarctic ice hockey stick graph

iphone.anomaly.antarctic.png (512×412)

Antarctic Sea Ice Approaching The Largest Anomaly Ever Recorded | Real Science: I took the above graph from this website and altered it a bit.  I turned the red ice data into blue when it is ‘growing’ so it is clearer what is happening.  Oddly enough, the hockey stick graph lives on…with colder climate projection!

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Mt. Rainier Can Cause Huge Tsunamis As Well As Lahar Floods

Mt Rainier lahars from eruption will create massive tsunamis

One thing we know for certain especially about the Cascadia volcano system: these things erupt frequently and when they do, they often blow up and are very deformed by these eruptions, they are not Mt. Fuji style in appearance.  So we must assume that if they do erupt, they might have massive landslide collapses like Mt. St. Helens.  This means that a major city and several smaller ones can be not only flooded badly by lahars but as these hit the Puget Sound, they will, no question about this, cause tsunamis.  Which few people want to think about in that region.

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5.1 Earthquake And Many Aftershocks Centered On La Brea Neighborhood In LA

Earthquake activity on West Coast rising rapidly March 2014 IRIS Earthquake Browser – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: I have noticed during the last month that earthquakes are springing up a great deal in California as well as the entire North/South America continents.  There have been a number of medium sized quakes along the entire Atlantic ridge which is where the tectonic plates are spreading.  As this occurs, it shoves the continents over the Pacific Plate and other oceanic plates. Continue reading


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50 Years Ago Great Alaska 9.2 Quake: Rebuilding On Top Of Ruins


Newsreel Following the 1964 Earthquake – YouTube: This week is the 50th Anniversary of the biggest earthquake in the last 100 years: the Great Alaskan Earthquake.  Only 113 dead except all the native camps along the shore that were swept away are not really counted, no bodies were found but searchers found broken boards and debris with zero survivors.  The damage from this quake was very severe.  And we learn little from it, from the looks of Alaska today.

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Pavlof Volcano Erupts While USGS Cuts Budget For Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Pavlof volcano eruption gets stronger

Alaska Volcano Observatory Images and Photos

Photo courtesy Theo Chesley.

We are seeing several Aleutian Island chain volcanoes erupt and the public is increasingly kept in the dark about these events due to budget cuts and sequestration.  Tracking our planet as well as looking for asteroids is very important to our basic survival.  Direct and indirect damage can be considerable including annihilation of most living things.  I am baffled as to why we wish to live in ignorance in order to save a few pennies spending trillions on wars against mainly Muslims though the Chinese are increasingly in the crosshairs.  If several volcanoes have major eruptions in the northern Pacific, we will immediately get much colder and wetter winters and summers here in the Northern Hemisphere. Continue reading


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California Shakes Like Jello As San Andreas Stress Shoots Upwards



January 25, 2013 california shakes like jello


Fortunately for us, the map the USGS runs, California-Nevada Fault Maps, is still functional.  Not for long but maybe when the San Andreas blows, the government will reconsider the foolish plan to save money by terminating this very important feature.  Look at that map today!  California is a bowl of jello being shaken rather harshly!  And the quiet middle section of the San Andreas has the least activity but warning quakes are appearing even right on the San Andreas especially where it is crossed by another major fault line in the Tejon Pass.  This is where the previous major quake happened nearly 200 years ago and is the focal point of major, 7.5+ quakes.   Continue reading


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GOP Budget Cuts Force USGS To End Their Very Informative Earthquake Map Site

ANSS – Advanced National Seismic System

This week's Alaska earthquake with new USGS map


Over the years, I have noticed the web does not get more informative or better data, it has odd deteriorations.  For example, Google has degraded very badly over the years.  No cache data where you click on the icon and get past postings, it no longer highlights the word you are searching which makes it more like a needle in a haystack hunt for data, etc.  Now, probably thanks to cuts in government spending by House Republicans, a highly important website is being trashed: my beloved USGS state by state map site is being terminated!

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