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US Whining About Sochi Olympics Is Disgusting, Annoying And Stupid

Russian gold medal skater Julia's amazing spins


Julia’s amazing spins, never seen before!


So many things today!  First, I wish to congratulate elite Americans, the media and our government for having Olympic levels of whining about Russia.  The churlish, childish behavior at the top is no surprise since diplomacy died when the USSR collapsed. That is, we decided we ruled the entire planet and our elites got so full of themselves, they think they are gods.  Criticizing Russia for strong security, for example, while simultaneously screaming that Russia isn’t secure is insane.  Complaining about Russian cyber spying while embroiled in a global scandal due to NSA spying, the brutal celebration of US ‘superior’ athletes while deriding Russia or China pointing out they, too, have athletes who are very good, is beyond childish, it is stupid.

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US Due To Sail Off Fiscal Cliff Into Radioactive Economic Plume

USS Reagan staff jokes about radioactive poisoning

Click her to see You Tube video of USS Reagan staff laughing as radiation alarms wail:  The USS Reagan sailors sailed directly into the most deadly plume of nuclear poisons during the worst of the Fukushima explosions and fires.  They thought this was funny!  A joke.  A laugh riot.  Now, a year later, they are scared, understandably.  The economic/financial mess we are in is the same.  We don’t take much of this very seriously and strange going ons cover up what is needed to save us from economic doom.  Everyone has a game plan and few have any basic knowledge as to how systems work, we just sail in circles in and out of poisonous radioactive economic forces that are invisible to us. Continue reading


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