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Kennedy Assassination Secrets Slowly Appear: Soviets Suspected Organized Conspirators Killed Kennedy

My father got to know President Kennedy personally during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  He was the final advisor on the subject of what the Soviet ships were taking to Cuba during the tit for tat sparring over NATO stationing missiles in Turkey, a country which Putin recently pulled out of NATO and into a deepening alliance with Russia.  I had a front seat view of the dark, hidden politics behind the Kennedy assassination and no one believes me when I tell them all the international junk surrounding that event.

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Gog Magog Religious Wars Rage, Europe And US Cannot Escape Backlash Attacks

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Copenhagen police shoot dead ‘jihadi’ gunman and arrest one other over attacks on city that killed film director at free speech event and Jewish security guard at Bat Mitzvah: the raging wars in the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia come home to NATO nations.  This is no shock to me.  This isn’t about ‘anti-semitism’ since many Muslims in the Middle East are Semites.  This is a European colonial war against Muslims which was inherited by the US after WWII and NATO is being used to push these wars along and there is zero justice for the long suffering Palestinian people and this machine of war will rage onwards to infinity unless Europe and the US stop stirring the fires.

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Iraq Falling Into Hands Of Very Violent Al Qaeda Gang

The US invasion of Iraq was totally illegal and a war crime.  The US demanded the UN disarm Saddam, he then voluntarily disarmed, we then instantly invaded after the UN confirmed this fact.  Now, Iraq is a complete disaster and al Qaeda is rapidly taking over.  The entire excuse for the invasion was to stop al Qaeda, a CIA operation in the first place.


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US And Allies Against ‘Evil’ (Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Palestinian, etc.) Falling Apart Financially

‘Fragile Five’ Are the Latest Nations in Turmoil: Turkey, Brazil, India, South Africa and Indonesia as economies too dependent on skittish foreign investment to finance their growth ambitions and now last night at midnight, the Turkish central bank makes massive rate hikes to stem lira fall.  Japan launched this latest round of currency devaluation which is now a roaring fire again.

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Clapper Claims Everyone Spies Like NSA So It Is OK To Spy On Allies

The NSA and Clapper love to say, ‘Everyone does this!’ as an excuse for illegal or illicit or hostile spying on friends and allies as well as entire populations.  If by ‘everyone’ Clapper means ‘Big Brother in 1984’ or the USSR, then he is correct.  Unfortunately, even if Stalin spied on everyone doesn’t mean Clapper can violate the Constitution.  Nor can Obama or Bush evade the fact that they were just fine with this spying on everyone.  Both GOP and DNC heads were fine with spying on everyone.

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Israel, Not US, Is Spying On All European Leaders Using NSA Backdoor

Snowden Documents Reveal NSA Gave Israeli Spies Raw Emails …Was ISRAEL behind the hacking of millions of French phones and NOT the U.S.? Extraordinary twist in spying saga revealed…The German Chancellor said President Obama’s reputation has been shattered on an international scale because of espionage scandal.  This story reveals the depths of Israeli Jewish control of our government.  The Jews knew perfectly well they are using our NSA system to spy on the leaders of our allies.  Snowden broke the story about Israel getting a backdoor entry to all raw data sucked up by the NSA and now this story hits right when EU leaders are mad at Obama.

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Taliban Laugh At US Might As We Go Bankrupt…And Computers Tell US We will Roast To Death In 25 Years (HAHAHA)

The plan of the insurrectionists who hate the US is to drive us all into Afghanistan and there go bankrupt.  This plot has been amazingly successful to the point, the Taliban mock US over government shutdown – The Express Tribune

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