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Bundy Gun Nut Adult Toddlers Illegally Invade National Park On ATVs

I grew up in Arizona living in the foothills of Mt. Lemmon.  The #1 thing I absolutely hated were the ATV riders who tore at a high, engine screaming speed all over the place, destroying everything.  Scaring my horses, running over my animals, drinking, carousing, vandalizing everything.  Throwing rocks at saguaro cacti, you name it.  Naturally, the people surrounding Bundy are illegally doing exactly this in Utah as a ‘protest’.  No wonder so many of them are obese.


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Global Warmists Try To Fix Detroit In Very Silly Ways As City Dies

Tungurahua volcano: Spectacular pictures capture eruption in Ecuador

The cold spring has warmed up some bit in the northern half of North America.  A volcano, Tungurahua, in Ecuador, activated by the huge quakes this last year on the west coast of South America, erupted a third time this year and the fine ash and gases are already affecting the atmosphere and thus, cooling the earth.   Meanwhile, in America, Detroit continues to die and liberals profess to not understand why which is odd since it was caused by free trade and anti-union southern laws that cheapened labor.

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Rich Elites Cut Home Heating Aid While Much Of US Suffers Super Cold Events One After Another

I constantly refer to the other two big public debt/trade deficit countries Japan and the UK when talking about the US.  Japan used to be a sovereign wealth nation so its huge budget overruns mainly done by the LDP was nullified.  But now Japan is in the same boat as the US and UK.  The US and UK used to be major energy export countries but now import energy even as they both still produce energy for home use.  The US and Canada are right now gripped in one of the worse cold waves of the last 100 years and Congress cut home heating funds to the poor last year.

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