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Pope Claims Global Warming Will Make Hell On Earth, Demands We All Move Into Huts And Not Drive Huge Armored Vehicles

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Vatican City: the Tiny House the Pope lives in.

French Alps – Snow strands 15,000 vehicles in Savoie as Europe goes in the deep freezer and in the UK – Motorists stranded by snowfall in Yorkshire while in Asia, Bone-chilling cold paralyses normal life in Rajshahi, Japan has had many blizzards this month, China’s Yellow River froze and in India – “Unprecedented snowfall” in Himachal Pradesh and this week, Blizzard warning for Hawaii mostly, I guess, due to Global Warming President Obama visiting there.  So, time for yet another deranged man living in a giant palace, telling us we have to stop using CO2 oil/gas and live in Tiny Houses and walk everywhere!  The Pope joins the chorus, ‘We are roasting to death!’

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Rich Elites Use ‘Global Warming’ To Tax Workers, Eliminate Jobs And Impoverish Middle Class

Pope Francis says we all must cease consuming stuff and flying in planes etc


Wildfires May Fill our Future as Climate Change Sparks Lightning is the latest Silly Story coming out of the Global Warming…er…Climate Change Bilderberg headquarters.  The minions toil endlessly to warn us of what will happen if things ‘change’.  There are very few ‘wild fires’ this last few years due mainly to the fact that the planet is definitely cooling down…rapidly.  Those of us who live in the Ice Age belt where the vast majority of glaciation happens every 100,000 years, are highly aware now that we are in a much colder climate cycle.  But the elites cling to this ‘global warming’ mythology because it gives them an excuse to tax us, steal from us and drive us into poverty while they live high off the CO2 derivative cap and trade scam.

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Oxfam Warns We Will STARVE Right When Grain Speculators Claim Record Crop Due To Possible Warm Summer

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See these beautiful national landmarks? They’re all imperiled by rising seas and wildfires: you see, it will be warm and ice will melt and we will all die!  At least, according to global warming fanatics.


Today, Oxfam warns price of cereals will surge because of CLIMATE CHANGE | Mail Online: every warning is about this topic with no examination of what is causing this ‘change’.  So far, crops are being hit hard by extreme cold and wet conditions in the North American bread basket states of Canada and the US.  But this is due to low sun spot activity, not CO2 at all.

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Oligarchs Unite To Stop Putin: Obama Says Crimea Vote Worse Than US Invasion Of Iraq

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The Arab League slams Syrian regime ‘massacres’ but is perfectly OK with Saudi-funded wars of aggression, suppression of Shi’ites under Arab Sunni rule, gross violation of all women’s rights, outright slavery, and of course, funding al Qaeda so they can attack various countries including the US on 9/11.

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Japan’s LDP Is Going To Sieze 400 More Islands While Fukushima Erupts Steam

Time to turn back to Japan, a country that has been a huge part of the world economy’s destructive forces which hammer Japan’s population very hard and has driven them to despair.  The LDP is sailing to victory on very poorly attended elections because the majority of Japanese have basically given up all hope.  The anti-nuclear power demonstrations are losing ground while Fukushima continues, like a restless volcano, Sakurajima volcano (Japan) awakes with a series of powerful yet again last month.

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Vatican Banker And Friends Caught Smuggling Money From Switzerland As Catholic Scandals Pop Up Everywhere

The new pope hopes to clean the stygian mess in the Vatican

The Holy See has been slogging through a sea of excrement as all the corruption and financial finagling and child rape continues to heave into the news.  The new Pope has his hands full following the despicable Ratzinger.  The news from Italy today is a very convoluted, involved tale of this Vatican priest trying to cheat everyone in sight while working at the Vatican’s bank, the IOR.  You have to read the story below to get a vague idea of all the schemes and tricks Scarano played is right out of a 17th century  Commedia dell’arte performance.

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“Argos” (Religious Warfare) Wins And “Lincoln” (Civil Rights) Loses

When the Cold War ended the excuse for more wars shifted in a ‘time of peace’ to the ugliest and nastiest sort of warmongering: religious warfare.  This began not in Afghanistan or Yugoslavia, it began in Israel.  The moral justifications for religious warfare to eradicate or remove rival religious tribal groups was justified by the Zionists as ‘God’s Will’.  This, in turn, ignited the Muslim religious warfare efforts and now this fire burns across the entire planet with the chief enabler, armaments user and military muscleman, the US, orchestrating all sorts of wars against or for Muslim despots. Continue reading


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