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US And EU Freak Out Over Million+ Muslim Invasion So They Attack Assad!

Had to go to the hospital again but now everything is OK except for dislocated shoulder and hurt ribs.  Ouch.  So I am on pain killers which is very annoying.


Today I can type again…sort of. I did too much firewood splitting and stacking this last week thinking I was healthy enough.  Some dear friends came over to help out and they told me after the hospital visit, I was not to do any more work this month.  Thanks to everyone.


Now on to the news: The US and EU are both tied up in knots over contradictory policies and rising tensions caused by the NATO push to overthrow all socialist Muslim governments.  The wars launched by the US has flooded Europe with over a million very angry Muslim males and a small handful of women and children who are the only ones shown in photos by the Bilderberg media owners

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Vietnam All Over Again: US Retreats From Illegal Wars Turn To Routs

June 13  2014 headlines


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Snowden, Greenwald And All Other Cyber Fighters Not Invited To Cyber Meeting In Stockholm


Germany’s spy agency ‘in bed’ with US – Snowden on Berlin’s inhospitality: yes, the Merkel anger was fake.  She happily joined the junta against the elected head of Ukraine, reliving the joys of Hitler’s invasion of the Russian parts of Ukraine.  And now there is the Stockholm Syndrome: Sweden is joining the CIA and NSA to outlaw anyone revealing state cyber spying.  All, while calling Putin a ‘fascist’ like that waste of space Prince, Charles bloviated recently.


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India Votes Overwhelming For Right Wing BJP Due To Voters Hating IMF Rules

Screen shot 2014-05-16 at 8.37.36 AM

As it happens in all depressions: nationalist socialist parties surge while liberalism dies.  In the US, liberals are busy amputating themselves by pushing ‘global warming’ (sic) which applies virtually only to California and Florida while other states freeze.  In India, the BJP party won hugely in this election due to the Congress party trying to do the IMF two step, that is, cutting taxes and cutting social services while driving down inflation to ZIRP levels.


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Tory Education Sec Angry About WWI Lessons Via Blackadder And Monty Python

Monty Python’s WWI skit: The entire war was unhinged from day one.  The Great Empires had chopped up the entire planet and using the ever-useful ‘Right Makes Might’ drew the sword on weaker nations, dismembering them brutally.  Especially native tribes which were annihilated, enslaved, imprisoned and starved.  Once the entire planet was enslaved, these same empires then suddenly turned on each other in a horrific series of world wars.

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US And Japan Play War Games, Japanese Refuse To Speak English Directly To US Commanders

I have watched with rising alarm as the US, declining rapidly economically, has embraced military domination as the cure for what ails us.  The military/industrial complex is the tail that wags the dog and it runs nearly 100% on red ink which is bankrupting our nation.  As America declines, Russia and China surge.  The US diplomacy system has decided the way to control all of Asia is to form a military alliance with fascist right wing Japanese sons of WWII war criminals.  These, in turn, are making wild territorial demands which has forced China and Russia to counter these land claims forcibly.  The US then accuses both of being ‘aggressors’ when the real aggressors are obviously the US and Japan.  This is pushing us rapidly into WWIII.  The howling, deafening, crazy coverage of the Sochi Olympics has fed fuel to these fires and of course, the chaos in Ukraine is another flaming mess that can start WWIII.

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Navy Yard Government Secret Contract Military Worker Is Typical US Assassin, Mass Murderer, Paranoid, Drugged Lunatic

Another mass killer, another killer who is from the military, another violent video game addict, another mentally unstable person given a drug, Trazodone which causes hallucinations…and a military secret contractor hired by a corporation and then sent to work for the NSA type government agency! Wow.  A home run.  Every thing that is driving younger men insane and causing them to spray bullets includes, this man going off and buying a gun a few days before going on a rampage in Virginia, a state where it is easy to buy guns even if one is being treated for insanity.  And the War on Terror continues with our own soldiers killing themselves and their comrades as our entire government goes insane.

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