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Minnesota Home-grown Terrorist, Member Of Black Snake Militia, Arrested By FBI

Black Snake Militia

Black Snake Militia (B.S.M), a Image by dudeglifty – ROBLOX (updated 1/3/2012 3:36:46 PM)

I remember quite vividly the violent turn Black Power took after Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Due to the many riots in the black community from the beginning of the struggle for civil rights, we saw whole neighborhoods (including one that I lived in!) burned to the ground.  List of ethnic riots – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has only some of these riots.  The Coney Island and Flatbush Ave riots during the blackout in the mid 1970’s isn’t mentioned, for example.  I remember the black power activists claiming it was time for a full armed revolt.


This was very foolish and was easily crushed by the government, of course.  The members of AIM, the American Indian Movement also decided to use armed uprising tactics with the battle over Wounded Knee and that was crushed, too.  Paradoxically, Indians who were not violent then turned things around via declaring they had the right to build gambling casinos and this way, they undermined the power of the Mafia bosses and others operating in Las Vegas.


Here is the latest terrorist arrest:  FBI arrests Minnesota ‘militia type’ for plotting ‘localized terror attack’   FBI — Suspect Buford Rogers Arrested in Montevideo

Federal Bureau of InvestigationOn Friday, May 3, 2013, special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in conjunction with the Montevideo Police Department; the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; the Minnesota State Highway Patrol; the Bloomington Police Department; the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office (South Dakota); the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; and members of CEE-VI (Cooperative Enforcement Effort), executed a search warrant at 1204 Benson Avenue, Lot #8, in Montevideo, Minnesota. Several guns and explosive devices were discovered during the search of the residence.

In addition to the execution of the search warrant, law enforcement personnel arrested Buford Rogers, born December 6, 1988, in Montevideo. Mr. Rogers was taken into custody without incident. A complaint against Mr. Rogers has been filed in Federal District Court, District of Minnesota. The investigation remains ongoing.


The FBI believes that a terror attack was disrupted by law enforcement personnel and that the lives of several local residents were potentially saved. The terror plot was discovered and subsequently thwarted through the timely analysis of intelligence and through the cooperation and coordination between the aforementioned agencies. Special Agent in Charge of the Minneapolis Division of the FBI J. Christopher Warrener stated that “cooperation between the FBI and its federal, state, and local partners enabled law enforcement to prevent a potential tragedy in Montevideo.”

The majority of white males voted for Romney.  He lost and now there is a lot of bad blood.  The various branches of the GOP power system is seething.  Palin spoke to one branch of the GOP, a group called the NRA.  Here is a video where she sneers about the dead children of Sandy Hook and claims that Obama is ‘exploiting’ the families by listening to their wishes for gun controls:  Sarah Palin Pays Tribute to Sandy Hook at NRA Speech – YouTube.


This woman is one nasty piece of garbage.  Like many right wing fake Christians, she wants to be free to kill, free to fornicate, free to yap but we all are supposed to cower with fear and let her unleash all sorts of threats and sneers at dead children.  And she ain’t alone!  Recently much of the world was shocked when a little pre-school age boy murdered his toddler sister with a rifle his parents gave to him when he was too young to write his own name:  Kentucky Town Rejects Girl’s Gun Death as a Symbol – NYTimes.com.


It seems the community in Kentucky thinks that irresponsible gun owners should pay no penalties for poor parenting choices.  Leaving loaded guns lying around as ‘toys’ is depravity.  We have child seat belt laws, we have child endangerment laws, we have all sorts of laws to protect children especially from dangerous parents.  But reporters going to this small town in Kentucky have been physically assaulted by enraged gun fanatics who want no one to discuss how poorly they handle and control their killing tools.


I have killing tools from knives to axes to yes, guns.  All of which I have used on animals at various times.  I don’t have these laying all around where children are playing!  No, you don’t leave large, sharp knives on the floor next to a playpen!  You don’t leave an axe in a nursery.  Keeping things were they belong is very important and the lack of interest in protecting their own children baffles me.


For nearly all of these enraged gun GOP/Tea Party people yell at us daily, these guns are for PROTECTION.  Only, they ain’t!  They are worried about government thugs smashing into homes and killing their pit bulls but are depravedly indifferent about their families shooting each other dead accidentally or deliberately.  The collective shrug is amazing to see.  Fetuses: weep for them, poor dears!  Living children butchered by family members misusing guns?  Tough titties, kiddo!  Too effing bad you are dead.  Har.  Time to target shoot!


Back to the militia that has delusions of grandeur, here is a sample from their membership page which probably won’t be online for much longer:  Viper Black Snake Militia – Minnesota Minutemen Militia

Black Snake Militia in Minnesota web page


Members – Minnesota Minutemen Militia

Minnesota black snake terrorists

The age range is teens to retirees.  They like the Hell’s Angel type of ‘we are mean gangs!’ imagery and naturally, lots of military stuff.  And note the movie bad guy icons, the mass killers Hollywood adores so much.  I am certain many of these guys will be trying to erase their involvement with this gang now that the FBI is on to them.  We have Muslim gangs and Jewish gangs, Christian gangs, various ethnic gangs, we have lots and lots of people who think, if only they can simply use a cool weapon to aim at others and force them into either slavery, or removal from their homes and jobs, we will then be masters!  Rulers!


The US thinks this, too, our government is all about strutting about the planet, assassinating and invading, kicking people out of their homes here and abroad, busting down doors, locking up and torturing people, all in all, we jump up and salute all of this showing us as Masters of the Universe even as this bankrupts our nation, destroys society and doesn’t stop terrorism, illegal drugs, gangsters of various sorts, foreign invaders coming here legally or illegally, or whatever.  The fighting rages on and the ability to change things via politics diminishes.

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