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Complex ‘Mud Volcanoes’ In Nevada Has Clusters Of Earthquakes, Increasingly Active

Mammoth Lake region in Nevada has major earthquake.

This news is from last spring: 4/20/2016 — Professionals say Major Earthquake Overdue at California / Nevada border – YouTube with this being right on the exact spot where yesterday’s earthquake happened.  It is very interesting, the architecture of Nevada, land of many mineral riches.

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Hurricanes, Volcanos And Blizzards, Oh My!


Hurricane MATTHEW might go right between Haiti and Cuba and into the Bahamas, first landfall hurricane of the season and very late in the season, too.  West to get early taste of winter with pattern change as snow falls in  the Sierras and Rockies.  US winter forecast: Frequent snow to blast Northeast; Freeze may damage citrus crop in South as things cool down drastically from last year’s evil warm fall.  Didn’t we all hate that warm fall…yup.


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Japan Volcano Suddenly Erupts: Mt. Ontake Damages Holiday Hikers High On Slopes

Without any warning, Mt. Ontake suddenly erupted trapping more than 200 hikers.  The eruption continued for five hours.  Vacationing or living near volcanoes as many major cities including Tokyo are very near active major volcanos, is dangerous.  Most people have no idea what to do in an eruption.  First thing is to cover the face, secondly, take shelter on the downside of large boulders though if it is a big explosion where the top of the mountain blows sky high, there is no way of staying alive within 50 miles.

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Bardarbunga Volcanic Rift Magma Movement Shaking Iceland Severely

Massive Volcanic Eruption Is Making Iceland Grow : The Two-Way : NPR: so far, this eruption isn’t spectacularly violent.  It is a rift eruption but these are quite dangerous in serious ways.  Namely, they can go on and on and on for years, decades and centuries.  A number of Great Extinctions are directly caused by rift events such as the Siberian Traps or the Decca Traps.  The gases put out by volcanoes have a very strong influence on climate and the rift events can change the climate in catastrophic ways and pays zero attention to feeble human demonstrations demanding ‘climate stability’.

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Iceland Glacier Volcano May Erupt

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 10.59.12 PM

Iceland is a hot spot right on the rift valley in the Atlantic Ocean and has many volcanos many of whom are quite active.  The French Revolution followed a major volcanic event 200 years ago which destroyed the crops and led to food riots, for example.  As it is, this cold summer will be colder if there is a major eruption.

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Unusually Cold July Comes To A Cold, Wet Conclusion

hummingbird feeder in heavy rain and rainbow in eastern hills

So far this year is colder than normal.  July is no different.  Yes, we had a couple of warm days.  But it has been mostly raining or cold.  Today, the end of the month is neigh and we had yet another rainy day, three inches fell around here and the rivers are brown floods and the forest looks like a jungle.  Meanwhile, we are told that this year is HOT!  Yes, one of the hottest ever.  Which is totally insane.


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Troubling Earthquake Cluster Near Noris Geyser Basin In Yellowstone

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 5.33.47 PM

Yellowstone National Park hit by 4.8-magnitude earthquake after California is shaken by major tremor | Mail Online:  the San Andreas is important only because people foolishly built infrastructure and homes on top of or crossing this very active  slip/slide fault.  But Yellowstone is different: it can trigger an Ice Age if conditions are right and it can destroy much of the human habitation of North America if the explosion is as big as some have been in the past.  It is the Sleeping Dragon we must all fear and watch.

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