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VW Scandal, Refugee Flood, Closing Borders, China Slow Down Killing EU Economy, Perhaps EU Will Disintegrate

Analysts warn of ‘another crash’ as FTSE hits lowest level since Black Monday as Europe’s leaders live in a state of near total denial about reality as a flood of aliens pour across borders uncontrolled, all aimed at taking over Europe and as scandals hit industries there.  I see the EU eventually collapsing.  The states closest to the alien invaders are furious that the EU leaders voted last night to force them to keep huge numbers of aliens who are illegally invading.


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Germany, Russia And China Forming A New Gigantic Economic Alliance In The East

Just as the EU is now being shoved into boycotting Russia which supplies over one third of the energy Europe needs to be an industrialized super power, Japan has been encouraged to start a tit for tat verbal spat over some  uninhabitable islands which Japan unilaterally claims with the US stupidly backing this up.  And so the consequences are increasingly clear and Europe better pay close attention: Japan’s economy is collapsing again!  And this is due 100% to the diplomacy being pursued by the ‘pivot on Asia’ scheme cooked up by the Pentagon, the Bilderberg gang and a bunch of children of Japanese war criminals wanting to win WWII retroactively.

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13 Year Old Cartrail ‘Tha King’ Robertson Murder Highlights Gangsta Wannabe Black Teen Problems

13 year old wannabe gangsta boy killed  Cartrail tha King Robertson

Brooklyn residents don’t appreciate Spike Lee’s rants on gentrification: Mr. Lee was allowed, due to being a Hollywood personality living in NYC, to perform a disgusting, very racist, obscene rant about fixing up neighborhoods that once declined into crime-riddled slums.  The two neighborhoods this upper East Side Manhattan Super Star criticized was two places I was very active in cleaning up and renovating.  That is, Park Slope and Fort Greene.  It wasn’t the house repairs that worked when I was operating there, it was my very proactive, arrest anyone street patrols we organized back in the 1970’s.  This was literal life and death.  My block, before the patrols began, had a monthly murder rate that was very high, three in one month the same month we decided, after blocking off the street with discarded couches, to change via being very, very active at night.  And it worked and this pissed off Sharpton and Lee no end and both attacked me, personally, for doing this because I was a white woman.

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