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CIA Makes Bin Laden Voodoo Doll With Removable Heads: Black Magic Deep In US Rulers


Sticking pins in the voodoo doll.


Some bizarre and creepy CIA news:  Bin Laden doll made for CIA by GI Joe creator Donald Levine up for sale (namely, this Jewish guy gets to make a satanic doll with a REMOVABLE HEAD).  This put on the red alert for me.  After all, the creepy and bizarre and very illegal assassination of bin Laden and his wife included the creepy lopping off of his head and the body being secretly dumped in the ocean!


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Supreme Court Justices Dance On Head Of A Pin: Church Invades Government

I have warned about the makeup of the Supreme Court.  Most of the justices are Catholics and the remainder are Jews.  Not one Protestant or Buddhist or Muslim or anything is nominated.  This is done to gain support of religious based bribers of Congress and Presidents running for office.  They then get their piece of meat which means warping the Constitution so it is increasingly leaning towards ethnic cleansing and religious warfare.  Today’s ruling that religious pressure groups and force their religious prayers on the public in non-religious events is disgusting and will lead to riots and assassinations and hatred.

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