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Moving Embassy To Jerusalem Triggers Muslim Rage (Everything Does This)

Religious wars are quite common for humans.  These erupt regularly.  Generally speaking, they tend to be extremely prone to annihilation attempts since this is a great way to take over all systems which is why all religions, getting permission from ‘gods’ love to kill and maim and rape: it is fun.  Ideological systems on the other hand, kill a billion humans trying to convince them that being mentally enslaved is good for themselves which is why communism is so deadly: it doesn’t give a damn how many people die when imposing economic rules that are utterly insane.  The key element in humans is, we are the crazy apes.  This is what has driven our rather violent and compared to other animals, swift genetic evolution.

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History Repeats Itself As US Frantically Evacuates Bagdad Military Embassy

Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 6.12.45 PM

Oldest representation of the Outerdarkness:  TURKEY: Gobekli Tepe – Eden, Home of the Watchers those darling cosmic vultures (connected directly to the lightning stuff).


History is like a rabid dog chasing its own tail.  Round and round She goes, the Norns of Norse legend weave the past, present and future and see doom of empires, death of gods.  Nothing is new in history, this need to repeat the same story always ends with Götterdammerung for all. Humans can’t help themselves, they must do this, Fate in the form of epic Outerdarkness Vultures insures this.

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Freeloader Rancher Wins Fight With Feds, Gets To Graze Land He Doesn’t Own Or Pay Taxes On Like I Must Do For MY Cows

ranchers don't want to pay range fees or cultivate pastures carefully

Question of the day.. | pearlsofprofundity: a right wing site that praises ranchers and hates Obama for supporting social service

Federal government stops fight with Nevada rancher over grazing land: the cattle stand off in Nevada: the right wing is very proud of standing down the government which always treats them with kid gloves.  It is so easy!  If people in a city were to defy the government, the military is brought in and the city burns and people are openly slaughtered in great numbers.  But if farmers in right wing areas go ape, the government backs off.  This double standard is invisible to the right which loves to think it is persecuted when the opposite is true.  Only when they do things like shoot dead FBI or BATF agents, does the government try to do something which they do all the time to blacks or anti-Wall Street students, that is, bring out the heavy fire and fight to the finish.


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