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Germany, Russia And China Forming A New Gigantic Economic Alliance In The East

Just as the EU is now being shoved into boycotting Russia which supplies over one third of the energy Europe needs to be an industrialized super power, Japan has been encouraged to start a tit for tat verbal spat over some  uninhabitable islands which Japan unilaterally claims with the US stupidly backing this up.  And so the consequences are increasingly clear and Europe better pay close attention: Japan’s economy is collapsing again!  And this is due 100% to the diplomacy being pursued by the ‘pivot on Asia’ scheme cooked up by the Pentagon, the Bilderberg gang and a bunch of children of Japanese war criminals wanting to win WWII retroactively.

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South Korea Computers Hacked And China Warns US To Keep Out Of Korea

While the vast majority of major headlines in the US service the needs of Zionists, creeping up slowly in the news is the increasing mess in Asia.  The US encouraged Abe and the LDP to indulge in not only hyper-nationalist, retraction of apologies for WWII rhetoric but even aggressive imperialism with many claims of distant islands.  Then the US imposed Iran-style economic boycotts of North Korea.  Now, China has decided to up the ante and North Korea goes on the attack, a cyber attack. Continue reading


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