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Whenever Economic And Diplomatic Systems Must Change, Chaos Reigns Until Course Correction Improves Systems

The US Stockmarket is in a panic this last week.  Why is that?  Well, first off, wages are going up.  Now according to the Fed, rising wages=inflation.  So they will raise interest rates to return to the status quo.  Wages of the lowest working class continue to decline.  This translates into ‘women’s wages’ since they are more prone to take these jobs.  Overall, wages up until this month, were falling which is ‘sweet, sweet news’ for Wall Street.  The other factor causing stocks to crash is the SJW/BLM push to turn all forms of entertainment into torture.  So fans of sports, fans of movies, fans of anything are boycotting all systems which is causing financial hell for the virtue leftwing signalers.  Also, our trade partners are freaking out due to forcing them to have more honest trade.  Our roaring trade deficits can’t go on forever!

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