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Generals Demand Trump Keep Troops Dying For Nothing In Illegal Syria Invasion

The generals working for the Bilderberg gang (NOT America) don’t want to withdraw from the very, very, VERY illegal invasion of Syria, these generals are angry with Trump for doing something sane and above all, legal.


This news story is utterly insane.  Assad has been taking care of ‘terrorists’ and ‘dangerous radical Muslims’ with zero US help.  The US is PROTECTING and SUPPORTING Muslim radical terrorists who were trying to overthrow Assad’s government and make it a fanatical government or a mess like Iraq and Libya which the US ‘liberated’ by importing or allowing crazy terrorists.

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Increasing Evidence Syria Chemical Bomb Was Fake: NATO Is Criminal Operation

Solid evidence Douma ‘chemical attack’ was staged – Lavrov – YouTube


Twice, Trump was tricked by the CIA and the Bilderberg gang into attacking Assad based on utterly false charges.  The US has a long, long history of engineering excuses for wars and so has Germany, Japan, Russia, China, England, France, etc.  I want people to understand, this is common, not rare.  Countries looking for excuses for war will attach the right to attack over anything like the assassination of a very fat Archduke led to the killing of millions and millions of people.  This ‘chemical attack’ in Syria is typical.

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Many Democratic CIA Agents Running For Congress So They Can Reopen Borders To Alien Invaders

Tucker: Dems care more about murderous illegals than you – YouTube


The DNC voter base is increasingly criminal gangs and illegal aliens.  This is a huge ‘voter base’ now and these law breakers want to have in power people who don’t believe in the Rule of Law.  Note that cities where a large number of criminals live, vote uniformly for less law and order. These cities are dying because of this flood of DNC voters who are totally illegal.  The DNC is now openly conspiring with foreign criminals to release them back into our country so the Federal Government won’t know where they are.  This is treason. Pure, unadulterated treason.

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Both Syria Demands For NATO To Rebuild Nation After Illegal Invasions

 RT Russian news is the only real news left for NATO populations to see what is really going on in war issues.


The New York Times is in New York just like me.  Today, there isn’t a single front page story about Syria going to the UN to demand the NATO nations rebuild Syria since they sided with terrorists to destroy that country.  One would imagine that the NYT would feature this story but no, it is nonstop anti-Trump trash talk, ditto the Washington Post.  Both are desperate to kill diplomacy, to mislead Americans about war crimes and to push for eliminating anyone outside the Bilderberg gang from running DC.  This isn’t the only story neither paper is covering, there are equally important stories being ignored.

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New York Times And Washington Post Conspire With DNC/RNC War Crimes

Proof that the New York Times is insane comes with today’s news.  A former Navy Hispanic male went insane and after being arrested in the past for drunk driving, etc. he got in a car illegally and drove into Times Square and KILLED PEOPLE.  Deliberately, not accidentally, like all the car terrorists this last six months, he aimed at crowds of people in high profile places and killed them.  All this happened within 200 yards of the New York Times main headquarters.

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New York Times Demands War Trials But Only For Assad, Not US Criminals

The NYT wants ‘Syrian’ war crimes prosecuted…but never wants US war crimes prosecuted.  The NYT knows why there is ‘no clear path’ to putting ‘war criminals’ in prison because then all the NATO and SEATO war criminals would be behind bars, too.


We commit war crimes every year now.  We did this way back in my youth, too.  It is nothing new.  War crimes by the US go way back in time, all the way to the beginning of the settlement of the US by Europeans.  In my own family, ‘war crimes’ go back to the Viking era 1,000+ years ago.


This was the problem with the Nazi/Japanese war crimes trials: this was selective policing. No one else doing these terrible things had been prosecuted before nor after these post-WWII trials.


My father testified at the Nüremberg Trials and he and I got in a fight over this issue during the Vietnam War years, about ‘what is a war crime and who should be punished?’


He disowned me and I was still a teenager.  But I couldn’t ignore these crimes going on, it had to be hashed out.  My father made up to me when Nixon put him on the enemies list and his life suddenly took a strange turn with the IRS and other agencies going after him.


The war criminals at the top don’t hesitate to defame, abuse and persecute anyone who points out that they are war criminals.  The NYT is a war criminal operation that openly and obviously lies about events in order to engineer wars that Israel wants the US to fight for them.


On top of this, the NYT also conspires to hide or issues propaganda backing Israeli war crimes.  At the Nüremberg Trials, the judges put the publishers of the Nazi newspapers in prison, too, for enabling war crimes.  I wish we could do the same to the NYT and the Washington Post.  The deplorable state of our nation which is ruled by factions that hate American citizens, has been a topic on my news service for well over a decade:


2005…Culture of Life Breaking News: NEST OF TRAITORS!


It is no surprize to see American owned media entities are steadfast in refusing to analyse or even cover very much, the stunning news that our highest analysis and operatives in the Pentagon really work for Israel, not America. Just like none of these media talk about certain so-called Americans who hold double citizenship with other nations while destroying America or enabling American deaths. To get even the barest facts, one has to use the internet to go to alien countries to get any useful information or analysis.


Israel itself has a very interesting press, even as the government tries to squelch all dissent, some truth comes out there, via papers like Haaretz, for example. Unlike the near news blackout here in America, for example, stuff you will never ever see in the NYT, for example. I wish to thank Haaretz here right now for being so good and so informative. Please continue this tradition for the Jewish community, just like so many others, are not monolithic at all but rivven by the ongoing religious/ethnic wars launched in the wake of the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire (WWI, WWII and the Cold War and now the idiotic War on Terror (sic)).
From Haaretz:

Israel: We didn’t ‘run’ U.S. aide who passed classified data

By Shmuel Rosner, Haaretz Correspondent, and AP

A senior Israeli official said Thursday that Israel did not activate a U.S. Defense Department employee who has pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges for passing classified information to Israeli officials.

The defense analyst, Lawrence A. Franklin, has admitted to discussing with an Israeli embassy official and two members of an Israeli lobbying group top secret information, including details about potential attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq.

Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Yuval Steinitz said Thursday that Israel had not known about Franklin’s actions.

If you plugged Yuval to a lie detector, it would blow up. Off the scale lies are always amusing. Bush and his cabal tell them all the time. It is way too late for the Zionists to pretend they don’t work day and night to control America via traitorous proxies. Franklin didn’t merely get cited, he is now convicted of spying for Israel. So, are we withdrawing our embassy representatives and demanding apologies?


One analyst for the Pentagon wrote last year that the Israeli military has total free run of the Pentagon and don’t get checked or sign in, even, they walk right in the front door and go whereever they wish without escorts. Arrest Rumsfeld, arrest all the traitors allowing this! Evidently, they still have full acess to all our secrets, our offices, our officers.

We have a new President and he is as beholden to the Israelis as all the previous residents in the White House.  It never stops and this is because the mainstream media colludes with Israel to conceal important news.  And since this news revolves around the subject of war crimes…the people doing this should be arrested, right?


The NYT, itself, claims we must do this. Perhaps we should do a citizen’s arrest of the NYT publisher!  And its owner in Mexico…right?  Put them on trial.  It makes perfect sense to me.




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Trump’s Pro-Bilderberg Bombing Triumph Is Hollow Victory

US Airstrikes Kill 21, Mostly Civilians, in Northern Syria — News from Antiwar.com: the news about the US ‘response’ to a chemical attack of unknown origin was to…kill just as many civilians including, alas, children.  Many a new President comes into office and I have seen this over and over again, something happens.  Then the media giants who are fakers, lie about things and yell, ‘Think of the children victims!’ and demand we blow things up.  And always, this ends up killing children.

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