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The War On Drugs Drives Crime Up: Obama At Police Funeral Has No Solutions

Mobile news reporter wonders where all the violence of young people is coming from but doesn’t mention who is doing all this – YouTube


Here we go again: The US media giants are in hysteria trying to prove that Obama and Bush at the Texas ‘funeral’ (the families of the dead were not there) are ‘bringing us all together again’ since Skull and Bones/Bilderberg Bush is friendly with Bilderberg buddy, Obama.  The NYT has several articles explaining this is a sunny new day due to our rulers being one and the same and both denounce ‘white racism’ while ignoring black racism not to mention the issue of illegal aliens replacing black workers.  So, Obama Tells Mourning Dallas, ‘We Are Not as Divided as We Seem’ – The New York Times claims:


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Democratic Leader Demands That Police Back Down Are Working…Raising The Murder Rate In Black Cities

Screen shot 2015-06-12 at 10.16.16 AM

Baltimore Homicides the past three months.  All but 5 murders are black victims with a dozen classified as ‘not known’.


The black murder rate per person is tremendously higher than the white murder rate in America.  Recent protests against police coupled with frightened mayors and governors punishing the police with increasing harshness has led to a surge in blacks murdering each other and anyone in their vicinity.  This mess can’t be easily fixed for several reasons.  One is the disconnect between suburban/rural gun crimes from inner city crimes in general.  Most suburban/rural gun crimes are people killing family or neighbors over domestic disputes and divorces.  Most of the victims of this are women and sometimes sadly, children.  But the drive by shootings, the drug shootings and revenge shootings are city events for the most part.


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Free Trade Kills Even Small Towns: The Destruction Of Galesburg, Ill When Maytag Went To Mexico

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These pictures in my article are of Galesburg, Illinois where the Maytag factory closed due to free trade deals.  What looks like a huge parking lot is actually where many of the buildings once stood but are now dismantled and sold.  Here is the before picture:

Screen shot 2015-06-09 at 7.56.54 PM


Yet another free trade treaty is going to pass Congress.  Both the GOP and DNC support these deals.  Every President since the first free trade deal has promised to protect American jobs and these have rapidly disappeared and wages have either dropped or stagnated.  Each treaty makes things worse so of course these same promise makers have decided to keep the negotiations secret from Americans since each deal is actually TREASON.  As these deals bankrupt our nation due to the world’s greatest trade deficits in the history of trade, our nation is on greased rails to bankruptcy.  Instead of stopping this, all parties work for this and seem to have no desire to stop doing these things to our economy and society.  The latest scheme is to use Medicare money to bribe workers who are losing their jobs so there won’t be any riots or repercussions from this latest trade deal.


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Leftists Desperately Paint Black/Hispanic/White Texas Bikers As ‘Whites’ To Prove Whites Are Evil

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Suspect in Waco shoot-out revealed to be a retired DETECTIVE as it emerges bikers will escape toughest charges because county can’t afford to prosecute all 170 of them: the top person being prosecuted is a former cop who is BLACK. Yes, black.  I pointed out day one that these biker gangs and I know biker gangs very, very intimately, were racially mixed trending towards Hispanics.  I pointed out that the effort to make these guys ‘white supremacists’ is misguided.  But since the top liberal writers and publishers are now on the warpath trying desperately to prove that whites are evil, violent racists and using this shoot out in Texas to make their racist point ignoring the fact that it is now totally obvious that the bike gangs were Kumbaya ‘we are the world’ integrated gangs!

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Black Prosecutor Arrests Three Black And Three White Cops

EXCLUSIVE: The fact that three of the six officers charged in Freddie Gray death are black ‘shows this is not about race’, says family source which means both black and white cops are in dire danger of being punished if something happens when they do what is, at best, a very nasty sort of labor.  I suspect nationally, at least in black communities, police will, wholesale, go back to their 1970-1980 solution of letting the criminals run riot all the time in black communities.


This really happened!  I lived dead center in the middle of this and we had near zero police protection.  Call the cops, they come hours later even though the precinct in Brooklyn was literally just three short end blocks away, a mere five minute slow stroll.

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Tasers Are Torture…Running From Cops Can Be Fatal

We just had an event where a black man was shot in the back while fleeing a cop.  This case is like so many others and should cause a review of how police detain people.  As usual, the first stories are all about how the cop was inexplicably shooting at someone.  Then, as the details come out it is a classic case of a black male who probably was doing something illegal running from a cop hoping to get away.  How to deal with runaways is something that has to be figured out because we are in a violent country where anyone can be armed with guns which makes cops very shoot-first in too many cases.


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DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz Wants Illegal Alien Flood While Israel Allows Only Jews In

Chair of DNC says: ‘Israel is our rightful place… a place for us to go’


As race wars rage here in the US, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party both throw gasoline on these fires and the core cause at this point isn’t the simple white racism of Jim Crow.  It is more the tribal reflexive hate that is due to races and religions seeking privileges, not civil rights for everyone.  The GOP is obvious in this regard but the DNC does it just as much, as it seeks to build a power base in the minority communities.  What is really odious is how racist Jews are demanding we ignore citizenship to allow a flood of illegal aliens into the country so they can be exploited by liberal Zionists in America as a power base.

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