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Democrats Steal Trump Signs, No One Bothers Stealing Hillary Signs

Woman Steals Trump Signs – Videotaped Herself Doing It – Posted Online Bragging About Her Crime – YouTube: Yes, not only are Hillary supporters especially illegal aliens waving Mexican flags, are attacking and physically being thugs towards Trump supporters, they were nasty to Bernie Sanders supporters, too.  Hillary has never muzzled them or condemned them, she is silent as her thugs run riot in Democratic machine cities that happen to also be high crime cities, all of them without exception.

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Muslim Terrorist Deliberately Murders Young Children In Munich

45 years ago in Germany, I heard the great singer, Dietrich Fischer Dieskau, sing Kindertotenlieder by Gustaf Mahler…Schiesserei im München vor McDonald’s – YouTube

Did Munich killer lure children to their deaths on Facebook? | Daily Mail Online: I am thoroughly disgusted by this  news.  As a mother and grandmother, this is so unforgivable. Continue reading


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Israel Is Saving Radical Muslim Fighters In Syria And Helping Them Fight Assad

Israeli commandos saving ISIS militant from Syria (Courtesy- Daily Mail Online) – YouTube


This is NOT breaking news in the US today.  It is in Europe.  How kind of the Jews in Israel to go in and save and then return to battle all those terrorists INCLUDING AL QEADA!  Charming, isn’t it?  Little girls with scissors are ruthlessly gunned down by Jewish troops in Israel. But al Qaeda terrorists in Syria are patched up and given weapons.  Will there be a UN investigation into all this?  Ha.  Nope.  But this is key to understanding the ‘War on Terror’ which is a cynical business of basically overthrowing any ‘liberal’ Muslim government and replacing these with chaos and repressive regimes as bad as Saudi Arabia. I am very angry about this news today.  It doesn’t surprise me, it just is so cynical and evil.  Happy Hanukah.

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Russia Negotiates With Ukraine, Bilderberg Elites Go Insane, Demanding War Instead

‘Borders cannot be redrawn at the barrel of a gun’: Obama says Putin’s show of ‘brute force’ in Ukraine threatens peace in Europe: this has got to be one of the stupidest, lying speeches ever.  Neo cons write Obama’s speeches for him.  They think nothing about lying about facts, history and reality.  Even recently, NATO has used bombs and tanks to redraw many borders in Europe and the Middle East.  All borders are drawn by military events!  And since NATO does this, why can’t anyone else do this?  Obviously, the attempt to turn Europe into a US empire outpost is still at work here.  Even though the US is going rapidly bankrupt trying to cling to this violent empire.

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Zionists Scream About How War On Terror Is Getting More And More Violent As Zionists Attack Everyone Else

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 9.23.56 PM

Here is the front page of yesterday’s New York Times, one of the world’s top Zionist warmongering rags.  Like the War on Drugs, the War on Terror is a total mess because the entire concept is insane due to the fact that raging empires are causing both.  John Kerry, who wrote his lunatic editorial refuses to see who the real terrorists are because he is a Zionist who has no mirror.  McCain learned nothing from the Vietnam war and wants wars all over the place all the time, being deranged himself.  We caused this: Syrian exodus reaches 3 million – UN.  Before the US and Israel decided to decapitate Assad, there were zero refugees and no one was being beheaded or stoned to death in Syria.

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TSA Allows Illegal Aliens Released By Obama To Travel On Planes In US Without Any Photo ID Or Passport

TSA no identity photo illegal alien free travel passport

I said from day one that the intrusive and farcical TSA air travel regime was utterly stupid since the US has done little to secure our borders from millions of illegal aliens pouring into the US and then allowed to roam free, committing crimes, taking jobs, forcing down wages and causing mayhem and distress.  Even as obviously harmless US citizens such as small children and people in wheelchairs are hammered by TSA agents, as our own papers are closely examined, illegal aliens get to whiz past all examination and fly with no ID.  Amazing.  And Obama promised Hispanics angry about being questioned about legality, he is ‘on their side’.


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Former US Gitmo Attorney Iglesias Wants Benghazi Kidnap Victim Tried In ‘Shadow Of Twin Towers’

The distorted thinking of all of our officials and leaders is causing a mental and moral collapse.  Striving to continue the post-WWII imperialist powers has led to a degenerative thinking process that infects everything especially diplomacy and legal thinking.  Once we got rid of the need to have Congress vote for wars or basic civil rights after 9/11, this new perpetual war is engineered by petulant, power hungry globalists who have secret meetings to discuss with foreign powers, how to circumvent or compel Americans into wild military spending which is bankrupting our nation and destroying our economy.

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