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Texas Fertilizer Explosion Result Of Foolish Land Use Regulations

Texas fertilizer plant exploded next to schools

The above picture is a satellite photo showing the outlines of the town of West, Texas where the recent fertilizer explosion killed so many people and destroyed a good part of the small town.  I noticed right away that the town’s lines were very carefully drawn to exclude control of the plant.  This did two things: avoided paying taxes to support the town plus no one in the town’s government had and jurisdiction over what this nasty business was doing.  And they were doing something wrong because they were investigated previously for poor safety controls. Continue reading


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Boston Marathon Is All About Women’s Rights

Katherine Switzer assaulted at Boston Marathon 1967

The First Woman To Run The Boston Marathon

I had to sue in 1966 for the right to run more than 1 1/2 miles.  Back then, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) claimed falsely that any woman running further than that would die, the poor dears.  I proved I could run far further than that and in the desert, cross country, no less.  Meanwhile, thanks to the Civil Rights Act, other young women who were older than I were setting out to prove this, too.  And this led to a series of confrontations with race organizers who wanted to exclude women. Continue reading


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CPAC Ends Hypocritical Convention

Unlike the extremely secretive AIPAC gathering last week in DC, there has been tons of coverage of the CPAC meeting.  It is interesting watching the GOP right wing figure out how to win elections.  Obviously, attacking women, gays and minorities seems to still be their game plan.  Governor Walker: Republicans Should Focus on Shared Beliefs  which is what?  Can’t be balancing the budget, they never do this when in power.  Can’t be civil rights, they want Israeli-style religious bigot privileges.  So what are they thinking?


The internet made fun of the CPAC people when a black man, paid great sums to toady to mainly whites, led a discussion about the Civil War and abolitionist.  This poor man stood idly at the podium as a cheeky right wing youth claimed that slavery was feeding and housing people ‘for free’.  Now with this blasting across the internet, the leaders of that organization is striking back:  Tea Party blames unruly CPAC racism panel on African-American woman reporter. Continue reading


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