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Eastern Ukraine Orthodox Russians Win War With NATO, Bilderberg Gang Insane With Rage

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I predicted that the East Ukrainians would win their fight and this was based on looking at their sense of justice, their brio, their determination to undo the coup in Kiev and resist the neo nazis put into power by the EU and US.  The Bilderberg gang that was formed at the end of WWII in order to corral European nations into a capitalist alliance when the people were demanding more socialism, is furious with the Russian success in fighting this proxy war in Ukraine.  Putin is very popular in Russia today!  Very popular.  Seen as a strategic genius, turning a Russian defeat into a Russian moral and military victory! Continue reading


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Russian Ukrainian Citizens Are Now Winning NATO War: Bilderberg Gang Freaks Out

The insanity never ends. As our media giants work breathlessly to trick the US public into supporting the future WWIII which will mean all our major cities will be in ruins…wait!!! They already ARE in ruins thanks to letting minorities run riot and do massive drug dealing, etc.!  And then removing all honest manufacturing jobs overseas or handing these to illegal aliens.  Yes, so Obama and his team put in charge of the DEA a Recovering alcoholic nominated to be drug czar.

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Imperialist Wars Are Good According To Stanford Professor And Bezos Washington Post Owner

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(Story from The Times | UK News, World News and Opinion)


As NATO and the pivot to Asia hurtles the US towards WWIII, every excuse for warmongering has every  major US media foaming at the mouth.  The biggest pusher for wars is the Huffington Post, vying with the Washington Post for ‘most foam at the mouth rabid warmongering.  Meanwhile, at his press conference, President Obama sighs: ‘Why Is It That Everybody Is So Eager To Use Military Force?’  Indeed, we just had a bunch of tornadoes tear up the deep south and Congress will give them aid money because our corrupt Congress is OK with that if it is a southern state but if the northern states get disasters like last winter, there is no money because we are going bankrupt.  Thanks mainly to our wild warmongering and free trade.

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