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US Mass Media And Government Continue Public Freak Out, Russia, China Do Business, Get Richer

Fox & Friends Weekend 7/1/17 | Fox News | July, 1, 2017 – YouTube


Things are going screwball in our collapsing empire.  Trump is famous for having a thin skin.  When I ‘won’ against him over and over again with the deal that he would give me $20 and a free ride and free meal, I would then be lured into gambling, something I never, ever do.  So, for most of one summer, I took up the challenge and won every time, accumulating a pile of cash while on vacation.  So he suddenly banned me and at first, refused my free ride home until I forced the issue.  Congress is corrupt.  The Bilderberg gang ran the US into the ground, deep into debt, obligations to protect our rich trade partners who run surpluses with us…and Trump is threatening this.

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Seth Rich Murder Story Takes Many Bizarre Twists And Turns

The Seth Rich case just won’t die and go away.  The connections between it and the DNC ‘hacking’ which wasn’t a hack but a ‘insider hand-over’ won’t go away, either.  Wikileaks is playing coy by offering a big award to anyone who has information on the assassination of Seth, but won’t elaborate what really happened…then there is the blow up this week of everything with people suing each other, online systems shutting down, 4chan computer geeks breeched the secrecy of Rich’s accounts and put these online which were wiped out but not fast enough, it is now being passed around the net and a tidbit from this is the screenshot above. I also rant today about high crime in the slums that surround our government in DC.  WTH is this!  Insane.

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PBS TV Panel of DC Insiders (Bilderberg) Discussing The Election’s Pesky Voters


PBS public TV has a panel discussion about the election with all nifty Bilderberg gangsters pretending to be clueless:

DAVID BROOKS: I feel underdressed.


Eek…naked old dude!  Run away!


MARK SHIELDS: You have got that blue-collar Republican look.

DAVID BROOKS: It’s the new populist moment.


It never ceases to amaze me how these ancient Bilderberg gangsters get on public TV to pretend they are nobody special, just ordinary people.  He is ten years younger than I and ten times dumber.  But appears clever because no one smarter than he is allowed at the NYT which banned me many years ago for typing way too fast and being rather clever and utterly opposed to their lying and bitching all the time.

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Young People Mindlessly Riot In DC


Young anarchists attack Starbucks.

Anarchy just two blocks from the White House as masked mob shouting ‘f*** Trump’ set fire to a limo – and face police in full riot gear firing tear gas to keep them at bay as they looted stores, burned cars, smashed stuff and other fun things.  Yes, we had some riots today on K street in DC.


Actually, they went down K Street which is where all the lobbyists hang out and burned or wrecked liberal businesses like Starbucks which supports Black Lives Matter and other wretched groups.

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Hispanics Riot At NM Trump Rally, Obamas Plan To Keep Daughter In Private DC High Class School

Screen shot 2016-05-25 at 7.24.12 AM

Trump rally erupts in violence: New Mexico protesters storm speech and clash with police – overturning barricades, setting fires and chanting ‘shut it down’ – as many flee the sound of ‘gunshots’ as mainly Hispanic protestors show anger over any idea of stopping the flood of illegal aliens and incidentally, I would assume many of the rioters were either illegal aliens or born in the US as anchor babies.  Barack and Michelle Obama choose Kalorama suburb as their post-White House home so they can be close to the private school their youngest daughter attends which happens to be ’embassy row’ in DC and has many, many more police than the black neighborhoods and also near-zero murder rate.

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DC Cherry Blossoms Will Be Super Late Due To Global Cooling

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 8.00.28 PM

Here is my home buried in snow that goes up over 4 feet with snow drifts up to 7 feet.  We just had yet another ice/snow storm and I have literally run out of places to push the snow and have to shovel off the roof now due to the ice and weight.  This is true throughout the Northeast this winter and spring is around the corner and the global warmists are screaming nonstop that we are going to roast to death, even with huge proof this isn’t our fate.

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Washington Post Science Writer Ordered To Attack Climate Realists Yet Again Even As DC Freezes To Death

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 7.05.06 AM


Washington, DC weather this week during the Hottest February Evah!

During the bitter cold winters of the 1970’s, people particularly in the northeastern/Great Lakes/Hudson Bay parts of North America, worried we might slide into another Ice Age.  Ice Ages are ten times longer than Interglacials and they come suddenly and with overwhelming force over and over again like clockwork.  We are at the last half of the present Interglacial and have to keep a sharp eye out for signs of another Ice Age and very sadly, due to the 30 year warm/cold cycles, we just came out of a warm cycle that had a lot of people scared it will warm up forever and we roast to death.  Scientists should keep a clear eye out for incoming data that gives us a good idea what will happen next and instead, they have been corralled into rigging the data to DENY the truth that the 30 year warm cycle is fading fast and that the solar scientists warning that the sun is going into a colder cycle with few to no sun spots, is being ignored while anyone heeding this vital, life/death information is attacked as some sort of science illiterate who is delusional.

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