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Japan’s Devaluation Of Yen Leading To Mass Devaluations—US Stocks Crash

I noticed the other day that Abe went to Davos, Switzerland, to boast about how he fixed Japan’s economic problems via debasing the currency as much as possible thus enabling higher export profits with the US and EU.  For this devilish activity, he was applauded by the US State Department as ‘So Very Clever’.  Now, the chickens are all dropping dead in the roost as all trade currencies go plunging down, too.  The last 30 years of the US demanding that Japan and China make their currencies higher in value has collapsed as has the US stock market and other systems.


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Japan Killing Dolphins And Whales While Whitewashing Yasukuni Shrine Visit

Japanese murder dolphins


The Washington Post published an editorial by the Japanese ambassador who is busy whitewashing the Yasukuni Shrine insult to all Americans who fought in WWII and all of Japan’s war victims.  Japan is also sort of in the news over the slaughter of dolphins using clubs and knives and the Fukushima mess…that is, not mainstream US news but on the internet.  The push to make Japan our good ally is following the same lines that Israel enjoys, namely, The gross censorship by our media, hiding terrible things so we can go to war again.  And the Washington Post is the worst of the lot and seems to get worse by the minute after Bezos, a huge exploiter of labor, owning it.

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Typhoon Floods Cause Fukushima Tanks To Overflow Strontium-90 Radioactive Slush

As I feared the other day, the latest typhoon to hit Japan caused a major overflow of highly toxic water at Fukushima which continues to pollute the planet at an unprecedented rate.  This makes nearly zero news in the US due to collusion on the part of our media owners to hide the truth for fear Americans would turn agains the many nuclear power plants run the same way and built identically here in the US.  Continue reading


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