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Schizophrenic Sex: Women Are Stronger Than Men/Women Are Helpless Victims Of Male Power

All over Hollywood and mainstream media and both political parties and in our courthouses, we have this new trope, this new belief system that girls are stronger than boys, women are better than men, tiny women can easily beat beefy, huge hunk males in hand to hand combat.  This new ideology is destructive, stupid and insane.  And the ultimate victims will be females who will become harridans in schools and end up miserable the rest of their lives, struggling to stay alive with zero support from stronger, smarter men.

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Disney And Other SJW Businesses Will Go Bankrupt: The War Against White Males

(2) Proof that SJW Marvel is losing money AND so is Disney – YouTube

In today’s editorial here, I discuss how all the ‘liberal left’ systems are systematically trying to destroy anyone who is on their ‘hate list’ starting with Infowars and how this is going to backfire badly because we, the customer base, can retaliate by boycotting all liberal systems.  Already, giant mega corporations that hate their customers are heading towards bankrupcty even giant Disney.  Worse, now the NY Times and Washington Post are calling for ethnic cleansing and mass murder of white males!  Openly calling for genocide!  While excusing this by saying, white Europeans were mean to other people so we get to be mean today, too!  How childish, how so like Hitler!

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NYT Cat Lady Reporter Whines About White Males Avoiding White Bitches

Even ‘The Bachelor’ Can’t Find a Man – The New York Times whines…nasty bitches there bitch about how there are not enough strong men to wrestle these witches and win against their screaming howling curses.


The NYT has this iron rule: every front page has to have an anti-Trump story no matter what, preferably four or more such stories…and every day there has to be a story whining about the ugly social mess created by radical female leftists who are increasingly being avoided by white males in particular.  This major front page story at Ground Zero of ‘we all hate white males’ is all about how successful white males want nothing to do with savage white females who work tirelessly to crush white males in business, schools and socially.  ‘Where are all the successful white males for us to marry?’ cry these Amazons from Hell.

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Black Girl With Good Grades Gets Showered With Million $ Scholarships

High schooler offered over $7M from 149 different colleges | Daily Mail Online. She was showered with scholarship offers.  All she had to do was get ‘good grades.’  Not even excel in SAT tests, etc. Just ‘good grades’.  Far from being discrimination, black children who do sort of well are given mountains of money and offers from top schools whereas Asian students who are much better get…nothing, nay, are told to stay away!  This is bad on many levels including being very racist.

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Time To Examine The Pink Housing Project In NYC To See How It Breeds Crime And Wastes Billions Of Taxpayer Money

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 11.22.16 AM

Ever since the new Democratic mayor took over NYC, shooting have proliferated in Brooklyn.  In the above map, the Pink Public Housing Projects in Queens where the police accidentally shot this black guy in a dark stairwell, there have been a cluster of three murders by gun on Linden Blvd near Ozone Park.  Dangers are proliferating and many of the people doing these crimes also are recipients of huge doses of public tax funded benefits.  The reward for taxpayers forking over billions and billions in aid to minority black/Hispanic communities is rewarded with crime waves and vandalism and of course, complaints about the police being nasty…in a very nasty world created by these recipients of public largess!


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What’s The Matter With Kansas: Race Politics Under Microscope

kansas city tactical squad

Kansas City SWAT rounds up criminals with warrants – YouTube

Liberals profess to being confused about Kansas being basically right wing Republican.  This is viewed on the left with distain and ill-concealed  hatred which is returned in similar kind by Republicans.  This is a great national divide and understanding how Kansas operates politically means looking at race and class statistics and we must ponder many issues that divide Americans.  The Immigrant Nation goes through various surges of distress due to floods of foreigners.  The social upheavals this cause are powerful.  The US cannot stand for long as a nation if we encourage and copy thug behavior, both the ghetto thug and the woman abusing biker ethos.  White and black youth are being marginalized and cut out of the workplace by foreign labor from Hispanic and Asian nations.

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