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Amazon.com Washington Post Claims US Needs Violent Riots To Kill White Men

(95) The house of cards collapses: Diversity or Meritocracy? – YouTube

We are at the final end of the ‘diversity’ circus.  When I sued for my civil rights way back in 1965, there were many barriers to girls learning ‘boy skills’ like fixing cars…which I and my girlfriends were all lucky to learn from really nice boys and men.  But I wanted the right to take the boy classes and when I did win this, I was the only girl in these classes and this fight was long and hard and at no point did I ask for a ‘crutch’ so I could win via a rigged game.  Now, women get these all the time and are systematically taking over and even driving out men in various fields like ‘professors’ for example.  And now are the majority going to university, for example and thus, are no longer ‘an oppressed minority’ but a ‘huge majority.’  Yet their shrill demands for more ‘rights’ is screaming now, when statistics show that this must reverse and reverse fast.

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