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Illegal Alien With Huge Arrest Record Found NOT GUILTY of Murdering Miss Steinle In San Francisco

Jury finds Garcia Zarate not guilty of Steinle murder – YouTube


A disgraceful verdict’: Trump leads outrage after five-time deported illegal immigrant at center of ‘sanctuary city’ debate is found NOT GUILTY of murdering woman, 32, on San Francisco pier: 


I used to live in the Bay Area many years ago.  I left in a rage when the leftists there began an attack campaign against me when I wrote an editorial in the Berkeley Barb explaining the horror of the assassination of a fine young Asian police officer in front of our commune.  California is a crazy place, my family came there in 1849 and all of us left by 1985.  It is a place falling into this chaos abyss and when Democrats allowed illegal aliens to vote, they took over all systems there and are now waging war on the real citizens and this is a prime example of that destruction and ill will aimed at citizens there.


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