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65 ‘Nobel Prize’ Winners Say Global Warming Is More Dangerous Than WWIII


War and Peace (8/9) Movie CLIP – The Hardest Thing is to Keep Alive at Sunset (1956) HD – YouTube
This news is about as silly as it gets:  Climate Change versus the Dangers of Nuclear War. “Three Minutes to Midnight” | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization:


The “Mainau Declaration 2015 on Climate Change” compares the threat of climate change to that of nuclear war in the heyday of the Cold War era.


According to the Nobel Laureates, the threat of nuclear war belongs to a bygone era. Nuclear war is no longer the main threat, its climate change, “a threat of comparable magnitude”.

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Phoenix AZ Declared Hottest Year EVAH! Except No Heat Records Broken All Summer? Rrright….

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 2.13.05 PM

17 U.S. Cities Headed for Warmest Year Ever » EcoWatch: yes, there were a couple of cities nearly all of which were in the narrow ‘warm’ belt along the West Coast and slightly inland, that were ‘hot’ last year.  Phoenix, Arizona was one of them which amuses me.  Virtually no days were ‘hottest ever’ but thanks to manipulating statistics, they can still claim it is hottest which is ridiculous. I have lived through 3 ‘hot cycles’ that come every 20 years when the sun peaks in its solar cycles.  This is the coldest solar cycle, ever, rivaling the very cold 1970’s cycle.  And any warmth last winter (summer was NOT hot at all in Phoenix!) has vanished as we see from maps this week, for example.

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Bitter Winter Weather Grips Nation While Media And Elites Try To Ignore This Again Like Last Year

october fall sunset november winter sunrise 2014

The global warmists are relentless.  Even as people suffer all over the planet from super cold weather, all they care about is how warm it is in Malibu, California or the summer coastal weather in Australia.  Yesterday, a bunch of religious (global warming is a religion now) fanatics in warm Australia buried their heads in the sand to protest the rest of us sane people because they want us COLDER due to their religious mania.  Anyone complaining about warming should be sent post-haste to Churchill, Canada, to feed the polar bears.

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As Planet Gets Much Colder, IPCC Issues Panic Report We Are Doomed To Roast

Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 8.52.06 AM


The Google news site has the usual iconic polar bears since a bunch of lazy walruses aren’t very cute, to illustrate how we are roasting to death.  Good thing they have polar bears on small ice floe photo stashes because polar bears this winter have plenty of ice to walk on as the Arctic Ocean and Siberia as well as Canada are now already locked in ice.  Periodically, there are warm surges as sun spot activity continues sporadically spraying the solar system with warmth.  So of course, due to these sputtering events, the warmists tell us it is hotter and hotter.

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‘Hottest Year Ever’ And ‘We Won’t Let You All Stop Immigrants!’ Are Today’s Bilderberg Junk News

The EU economy is going down in flames thanks to the boycott of Russia and Russia’s retaliation for the overthrow of an elected government the Bilderberg gang wanted out of power.  The cockeyed plan hatched by our richest leaders has backfired badly.  Control of the oil and gas in Eastern Ukraine is firmly in Russian hands now while Russia knows Europe needs their cheap fuel badly.  A big power station in England blew up and burned taking out over 3% of their electricity just as winter looms.

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Merkel Woos Putin For Winter Heating As Utilitarianism Comes With Cold Weather

The cold weather is making you bitchy, says science:

No kidding!  Below zero makes a person outright swearing, pissed off.  You hop up and down and flap your arms across the chest and try hard as hell to find some warm place to run.  It is more interesting than that, it also makes a person think harder and do saner things.  People who do dumb things when it is bitterly cold, die.  I work a lot in severe cold and can attest to this fact.  You become very organized and focused on finishing the task as quickly as possible.  Mainly, shoveling snow or repairing something or going somewhere.

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NOAA Claims Winter Will Be Warm But Antarctic Ice Reaches Record Levels

my forest in fall

My forest this fall, yes, winter is coming and the trees began to turn color way back in mid-September.

The global warming scandal that wasn’t: Conservative media’s latest claim is full of hot air – Salon.com: it seems that the latest made up story has finally collapsed, that all the ‘missing heat’ has moved mysteriously and in violation of all thermal laws, to the very freezing cold bottom of the deepest oceans.  Actual measurements of deep sea temperatures shows this hasn’t happened.  This news doesn’t stop the global warmists who are cooking up more excuses, more fantastic explanations.

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