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Chess Abilities: Russia Has Lots Of This, EU, US Has Less (Except Magnus) , Women Have Much Less Than Men

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Putin is a very competent chess player and the Chinese leaders are decent Go players and both play international politics with hostile EU/US rulers who are the Bilderberg gang and this gang of intellectual giants don’t understand deep thinking strategy since they win by being very rich and destroying their own social/economic systems, basically looting it.  Meanwhile, both Russia and China are securing their nations and building something there instead of driving both deep into debt.  Russia Outplays the West


Bloomberg commentator Leonid Bershidsky confirms what we always said would happen: Ukraine is in a bind, Russia holds all the cards, and the Russian economy is bouncing back as Western investors flood back in.


Here is a comment from a reader that I can’t beat:


Muhammad Abbass Vera Gottlieb • 13 hours ago
If they play poker anymore they play it very poorly I’d say. Even if you’re not paying close attention you can see their hand from their faces from the other side of the room. I’d say it is more like a game of snakes and ladders. Snakes crawling about, trying to climb anything that looks like a ladder but failing because they forgot they don’t have any feet.


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Former NYC Mayor Giuliani And President Obama Opposite Views Of Black Crime White Cops

White and black crime are quite different.  There is literally more white white collar crime than black white collar crime.  But street crimes are overwhelmingly black crime.  Mass murders are mainly white males but individual murders are nearly all blacks and increasingly, Hispanic shoot outs due to the illegal drug trade and the collapse of the family structure.  The sad thing here is, we are not allowed to discuss in public what is going on even as black and Hispanic crime causes great misery in both communities while schools fail in these same places and everyone loves to blame white Europeans for this mess while ignoring the actual causes.  If anyone dares mention the real mess, they are crucified by liberal media.

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