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The New York Times Defends Child Molester Woody Allen

We are seeing a massive purge/persecution of men and some women based on very old ‘sex’ charges or more recent events and all this cascade began with the attempt by the Clintons who have lots of dirty Bill Sex on their own plates, trying to frame everyone else with sex charges especially Trump who has had a wild sex life, himself.  All this has backfired on everyone and continues to consume Hollywood, for example except for a few very real sex fiends: Woody Allen and Roman Polanski.


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Bill Cosby Rape White Teens And Black Cops Abusing Blacks While Obama Lets Illegal Alien CRIMINALS Stay

NYC housing project police shooting

NYC housing project where cops shot man in dark stairwell: note the fire engine outside in typical day there (fires being sadly common!)


We have this growing Woody Allen type of scandal with Bill Cosby being accused by a host of white actresses of rape as he played the cynical ‘casting couch’ game so beloved of mostly Jewish-run Hollywood/NYC TV executives.  These players of this awful rape game closed ranks behind Woody but have left Cosby out in the cold but Bill Cosby Gets Standing Ovation at Florida Theater as his Jewish lawyer, Mr. Singer, savages these pesky females.  Also, we have in the news stories of cops (both minorities) abusing blacks (who are breaking the law or doing something really weird).


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Woody Allen Attacks Dylan Again, Blames Adoptive Crazy Mom For His Own Crimes

Child wonders about rape in Outer Darkness 1

I am a liberal.  I am also a fiscal conservative.  I am an internationalist patriot.  That is, I fit in no obvious boxes.  One thing I do know is my life made me who I am and one of the earliest events in my life I experienced was being raped when I was in kindergarden.  Yes, it was full penetration rape and the rapists was the husband of my teacher who was the mayor of the town and who was a professor working with my father at that time.  I was found in a slip hiding in the bushes (it was late March) with blood on my slip and I was crying.

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