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Britain Announces Joint Russia/China/India Development Bank Venture: US Freaks Out

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Diplomacy: Hu And Wen Roll Out Red Carpet For Putin

The US has become quite addicted to all the world trade flowing to the US while we pay for this via a massive mountain of trillions in debts.  Few people know this but ‘dollars’ and any paper money are actually DEBT promises.  Way back before the Great Depression, all paper money printed in the US had words to this sort, that first, paper money can be handed over for gold and then later, silver.  Then this was dumped after Nixon cut the metal connection to paper money and debt took off like a rocket.  As did inflation which the government fixed via letting in a flood of foreign exports which drove down prices somewhat.


Britain says in ‘national interest’ to join China-backed bank  because London is the banking center of the world and the Queen runs many offshore banks at various islands that swear fealty to her and the government of London, not the ‘country’ of Britain.   Immediately, the Obama administration hits out at UK after Britain signs up to $50bn Beijing bank :


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China And Russia Are Now United And Working Together In Harmony

The elites of the EU and US decided unilaterally at the most recent Bilderberg meeting, to destroy Putin for harboring CIA whistleblowers and other actions that irritated the Real Rulers.  The new Jewish head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde gave a cryptic speech about the “magic number seven…whereby she erased one nation of the G8—Russia!  She marveled at how wonderful the magic was and how it would change the world.  No mention of WWIII being the result of this magic.


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China Rises Past US Due To Trade Surplus/Growth: English Queen Goes Broke, Dying Empire In Debt

Once upon a time, the German House of Hanover ruled the Seven Seas via ownership of the British Isles.  The British had the biggest navy and the greatest manufacturing base.  By WWI, Britain was dethroned and Germany was destroyed so the US took up the mantle of World Shipping/Manufacturing Power.  WWII made the US even stronger.  We built ships and made goods at a mad rate.  Since then, it is been all downhill for the US with the Cold War leading the desperate US powers struggling to stay #1 via reviving Germany and Japan both of which became top world manufacturing and trade powers.

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