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Yatsenyuk Resigns In Ukraine, Kiev Coup Collapses, New ‘Elections’

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk Resigns!  His far right wing fascist government is so unpopular, it fell suddenly.  While the Chocolate King tried desperately to lure the US into a war with Russia, he suddenly gave up.  Meanwhile, Obama, reading script written by Zionist fascists, has dropped the ‘Putin shot down the civilian plane’ for ‘Putin is FIRING ON UKRAINE.  Even with the CIA puppet regime collapsing, they are keeping up the warmongering.

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Snowden Reveals US, UK, Japan & Israel Want To Spread Computer Viruses Across Planet

NSA plot to spy on the entire world

Snowden releases more shocking information about US/Israel/Japan/UK spying on the world and attempts at controlling all computer systems while the US public is decisively against even economic sanctions against Russia.  The Ukraine’s new unelected rulers is a ruthless IMF banker.  They will suffer greatly in the future.  And the Saudis are accused of being global terrorists by Iraq while Israel pounds Gaza during the fake ‘peace talks’.  Russia and Iran are signing papers to build another nuclear power station which is enraging AIPAC no end. Continue reading


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Crimea Accused Of Unconstitutional Autonomy Vote—By Unconstitutional Coup In Kiev

The people of the autonomous region of Crimea have decided to have a vote about being ruled by a gang of upstarts who overthrew and elected President totally illegally.  So they want to probably sever themselves from the US/NATO regime.  This, in turn, is causing the European confederation to issue threats:  BBC News – Ukraine crisis: ‘Illegal’ Crimean referendum condemned

In press conferences after the talks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy both said the Crimean referendum was contrary to the Ukrainian constitution and therefore illegal.

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