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Saudi Coup On Lebanon, Threaten War, Yemen Shoots Missiles Deep In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia accuses Lebanon of ‘declaring war’ for Hezbollah’s actions – YouTube


It appears that fighters in Yemen have been given missiles which they shot deep into Saudi Arabia, aimed at the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh, and I saw a video of at least three missiles.  What is annoying is, Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen for the last two years!  Right on the heels of a massive coup by one branch of the Saudi ruler’s tree, chaos is spreading as the Saudis forced the President of Lebanon to resign when he came visiting in that chaos Kingdom.  The Saudis think they should bomb Lebanon right on the border of Syria but then, they are openly, tonight, allying with ISRAEL.  This means…this new ruler of Saudi Arabia won’t last very long, the news that they are allies with Israel has barely hit the streets but will be known by everyone within the next few days.

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WAR CRIMES! US Continues To Deliberately Bomb Medecins Sans Frontier Hospitals!!!

Religious practice: Chanting the Lotus Sutra at Peace Pagoda of Grafton, NY – YouTube

When I get upset, I go to the Pagoda which is on another little mountain near mine and chant for a while.  It soothes the soul.  Today’s news is beastly.  It is the sort of thing normal people use as propaganda to illustrate Evil.  The US did lots of evil, evil things during the Vietnam War and now are doing lots of evil, evil things to Muslims in this religious war being waged on behalf of Netanyahu and his ugly little gang of thugs.  Since AIPAC controls Congress, they get to commit war crimes because it is OK to do this if you are a Zionist.  But in the Universe of Reality, these are all war crimes.  And the bombing, the DELIBERATE REPEATED bombings of obvious hospitals are all war crimes of the worst sort and all who participate in planning and ordering this and I mean YOU, Obama, and your gang, should be executed since we executed Nazis.  And my daddy testified at the Nüremberg War Trials.  He was a witness about the slaves in the rocket caves, he rescued them, and Dachau.


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Russia Saves Americans Left Stranded In Yemen

‘Nobody will help us evacuate:’ Americans urge Washington to help flee Yemen war as the US dithers.  Our government that pours many billions and even a trillion or two dollars into various stupid foreign adventures and yelling about protecting everyone, isn’t protecting Americans as our allies, the Saudis, bomb Yemen.  So, Russia, the Evil Empire, rescues our citizens:

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Obama Complains About Being The Grim Reaper

I still remember when Obama was elected.  Many young people thought it was a ‘new day’ and no more wars, no more babble about killing people hither and yon.  Racial harmony at home, not burning cities.  This has collapsed totally.  There is virtually nothing left of Obama except this empty puppet who looks tired, worn and ugly externally as he does this every day: Obama said he wakes up to a ‘thick book full of death’ every morning 


‘I’m dealing with it every day,’ Obama said. ‘That’s what I wake up to each morning. I get a thick book full of death, destruction, strife and chaos.’


‘That’s what I take with my morning tea.’

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Davos Meeting Crawls Onwards While Yemen Rebel Victory Ends US Assassin Drones

▶ Jon Stewart Slams ‘Financial Journalists’ for Fawning Davos Coverage – YouTube

Click here to see the super rich jokester ripping fellow rich dudes: Jon Stewart slams outrageous hypocrisy of the Davos World Economic Forum – Salon.com,  He recently sold his multimillion dollar home in NYC.


But back in the Real World, the US/Muslim wars, the U.S.has been forced to suspend counterterror operations with Yemen after the Shi’ite fighters surrounded the Palace and the government resigned.  The Saudi/US effort to kill Shi’ites is now a failure.  The assassin drone program is a joke.  It doesn’t work.  At all.  Anywhere on earth.  It is cowardly, more cowardly than say, the assassins in Paris who attacked Charlie.

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French Muslim Terrorists Trained With Yemen al Qaeda Fighters: US Drone Assassinations Breeds Terrorists

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 9.07.36 AM


Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 9.08.37 AM

This is some screen shots of the housing projects where the French terrorists grew up.  Gennevilliers has many public housing buildings exactly like New York City with the exact same sort of problems.  But we also see from the pictures above that it isn’t as ‘ugly’ as described in this news article:Gennevilliers ‘boxes’ houses 10,000 Muslims in Parisian enclave | Daily Mail Online


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Illegal Jewish Settlers Run Over Even Little Girls With Total Impunity, Never Punished

A little 8 year old girl is Seriously Injured After Being Struck By Settler’s Car In Hebron.  This happens every day in the West Bank.  None of this makes news in the US because Jews and Zionists who run our media propaganda machine hide it.  The occupying Jews shoot and kill any Palestinian children throwing rocks and this does make the US news because obviously, it is OK to murder children who toss rocks at men carrying machine guns.

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