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After NO Investigation, Ukraine’s NATO Junta Accuses Russians Of Downing Malaysia Airlines

As we hurtle towards WWIII, we have rising chaos occurring in areas where the CIA and NATO are most active.  Surprise!  Today is full of war news as our ‘allies’ seek to drive us deeper into conflicts they cause.  The key news propaganda story today is the mystery of the Malaysia jet that just went down.  Of course, there are many interpretations of what happened.  Kiev deployed powerful anti-air systems to E. Ukraine ahead of the Malaysian plane crash according to Russian news.  Jet Brought Down by Missile, Officials Say even though they said this within minutes of the plane crashing with zero, yes, zero investigation. Meanwhile, Israel Opens a Ground Assault on Gaza deciding that killing more Warsaw Ghetto children is OK if you are Jewish. Krauthammer: Moral clarity in Gaza whereby Jews are allowed to be as violent as they wish while Palestinians are supposed to be disarmed and helpless so if they even raise a rock in defiance of foreign invasion, they are pure evil, naturally.  Zionism is clean as a lamb.

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Navy Yard Government Secret Contract Military Worker Is Typical US Assassin, Mass Murderer, Paranoid, Drugged Lunatic

Another mass killer, another killer who is from the military, another violent video game addict, another mentally unstable person given a drug, Trazodone which causes hallucinations…and a military secret contractor hired by a corporation and then sent to work for the NSA type government agency! Wow.  A home run.  Every thing that is driving younger men insane and causing them to spray bullets includes, this man going off and buying a gun a few days before going on a rampage in Virginia, a state where it is easy to buy guns even if one is being treated for insanity.  And the War on Terror continues with our own soldiers killing themselves and their comrades as our entire government goes insane.

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Der Zimmerman News: Flash! Wife Lied About Gun And Other Things, Charges Dropped, Black Commentators Go Nuts Again

Back to Der Zimmerman: the media can’t let go.  He and his wife got in a spat and then she claimed he had a gun and was violent but then the police found no gun and she decided she had exaggerated things a tad and charges were then dropped but NOT THE STORY!

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Zimmerman Saves Driver In Fiery Crash

And he put out the fire with his extinguisher!  This news has hit the professional left very hard. I went to Salon and Huffington Post to read the comments of people who pride themselves on being ‘rational, truthful and love humanity’ to read their snarls, screams of pain and criticisms of Mr. Zimmerman.  It was all very sad for me because I am a ‘liberal’ but also very ‘conservative’ in many ways. Continue reading


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Black Street Thugs Shoot Family Of 5 ‘White Hispanics’ In NYC Day Of Trayvon Demonstrations

Huffington Post exaggerates race issues

Since the debate about crime in our cities continues raging onwards, as a New Yorker, I have to publish this story even if it irritates people because they don’t want to think about this anymore.  Alas, we must.  Yesterday, the liberal parts of our media made a big thing about the black protests who were trying to put a man found not guilty in prison on some spurious charges.  Using the ‘racism’ tool in a case like this is noxious in the extreme because it violates the civil rights of a ‘white Hispanic’ as the news is very fond of calling Mr. Zimmerman.  While the demonstrators were trying to act as if Trayvon is a civil rights icon, an attempt at mass murder happened in Brooklyn when a gang of black teens, angry about having the cops called on them when they attacked a ‘white Hispanic’ young woman at work, shot the family.

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Trayvon Black Teen Wildings Increase In Major Cities

I AM TRAYVON MARTIN – Black Mobs Attack Tourists in Chicago – YouTube: in this video, news people talk about all the Trayvon assailants who use that death as an excuse to get particularly violent in a crime wave.  At one point, the reporters tell us all to keep our eyes open for ‘danger’, aka, gangs of black teens.  But dare not say that openly.  The pride and anger of blacks due to feeling hurt over the Florida event has caused them to excuse even more murderous criminal behavior.  Aka: the news media’s coverage has encouraged an attitude of criminality where it should be suppressed, not encouraged.

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Trayvon And Girlfriend Thought Zimmerman Was Gay—And US Media Midgets Debate ‘Who Is White?’

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The biggest mess on earth continues unabated with everyone trying to get maximum information while ignoring as many facts as possible: the Zimmerman/Martin affair is huge while being tiny.  The huge part is all about how the US will dissolve into race/religious warfare like all the countries we invade and this is no shock to me.  We are going down this crummy path due to schizophrenic views about humanity and tolerance as well as how to maintain social order in a country which is ruthlessly eliminating most jobs for the middle and lower working class causing them to socially collapse as poverty rises and fuel and food costs more and more.

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