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Nobel Peace Prize Is A Total Joke Ever Since Obama Won It For Doing Nothing

Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech – YouTube

The Peace Prize has become a joke. My father once went to Sweden to hand out science prizes and he got to wear a tuxedo and hang out with the Swedish royals. He didn’t take me along, hahaha.  But he did have fun.  Now, we see the Nobel prizes which were turned into a farce, going off the cliff entirely with Peace prizes handed out like candy to rulers who are not even slightly peaceful.  But then, Perez and Arafat both got a stupid Peace Prize and Israel then went on to crush the Palestinians with extreme cruelty and continue to do so today.  Ever since then, I decided this Prize is for boobies, not real peaceful people.

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Washington Post Jewish Staff Attack 2nd Amendment, Demand We Import More Muslims

Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 7.36.28 AM

Today we look at the Washington Post to see how our Real Rulers think or rather, how intensely stupid they are and how they are now tripping up over their propaganda.  You see, these people hate Muslims but find them very useful for controlling populations of European and NATO populations.  They are also intent on taking control of much of the Middle East for Jews only.  They learn nothing from the Torah and think their insane god loves them dearly even though this same god attacks them over and over and over again and leads them into one disaster after another.  The WP today is loudly proclaiming that there are no Muslim terrorists assailing us, nope.  It is GUNS.

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Putsch In Israel As ‘Liberal’ General Is Kicked Out And Fascist Lieberman Takes Over

Israel’s General Golan Compares Modern Israel to 1930s Germany – YouTube

Israel is undergoing yet another far right wing putsch with a neo-Jewish Nazi replacing the ‘middle of the road’ (sic) Jewish ethnic cleansing boss.  As Netanyahu and his people imitate the Nazis more and more we must remember that the Nazis were not total Nazis until WWII when Hitler decided to eliminate all Jews via murdering them all which is exactly where the Jews in the Middle East are heading since locking up Palestinians in the Warsaw Ghetto and then starving them isn’t working fast enough for the radicals who have taken over much of the Jews-only regime.  Naturally, the US media doesn’t discuss any of this but the NYT, being run by Zionists, did have a tiny back page story about what is going on in Israel this week:

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Election Year Racism, Zionism, Warmongering And Other Ills

Video shows a middle school student attacks his teacher in class | Daily Mail Online: here we are yet again with an ‘election’.  Obama is overseas visiting Cuba, for example, and talking about how nice it is there, no student violence, for one.  Then there is this bizarre and childish university news story that is so embarrassing, as a former student radical who fought hard for changes and who took on dangerous tasks to defy authorities concerning say, the Vietnam War, it is embarrassing to see this headline yesterday:  Emory University students scared by ‘Trump 2016’ chalk signs | Daily Mail Online:

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Clinton Tells Sanders She Is A ‘Real’ Progressive, Just Has Tons Of Banker Bribes

Screen shot 2016-02-05 at 6.20.28 AMThe New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia


Clinton and Sanders debated each other with Hillary struggling to prove she is a liberal and not the creature of rich bankers and petrol kings in the Middle East.  Ever since she retired from government positions, she has gone around the planet collecting huge bribes.  She has tons more money than Sanders but nearly all of this is from rich people wanting favors.  Naturally, she has to lie about all this garbage which makes her a fool.  She could justify this by saying, ‘I support the status quo as do my supporters who are mainly bankers.’ Continue reading


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DOW Falls, World Trade Suffers As Muslim Wars Spread Across EU And Middle East

Screen shot 2016-01-04 at 7.37.50 AM

So, Jews in Israel are up in arms against each other over the issue of ‘who is a Nazi’?  Zionism is, by definition, a form of Naziism, the two appeared in Austria/Germany at the same time, roughly, during a revival of ‘ethnic/religious’ identity politics defying the existing old-style empires/nobility rule.  It was part of the ‘nationalism’ movements.  Now, we have this headline which appeared in Russian news but not US media:  Israeli justice minister turns to police after professor calls her ‘neo-Nazi scum’ on FB — RT News

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Israel Will Get Traitor Pollard In Exchange For Iran Treaty…Until They Scuttle This Treaty In Congress

A lot of people mock the Daily Mail which is an English publication but 90% of the breaking news I get about my own country comes via that ‘disreputable paper’ and 90% of it is correct:  Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard who posed as US Navy officer will be released | Daily Mail Online because the Jewish lobby has decided that demanding billions of dollars more would expose them too much to voter ire this election.  Now the The Washington Post tells us that Jonathan Pollard eligible for ‘mandatory parole’ in November.  Parole for traitors!  Yes, that is a great idea.  So why is the government howling about Snowden being a traitor?  He should be congratulated.


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