NATO Overthrew Muslim Rulers Now Europe Is Flooded With Refugees

Europe’s leaders bring back border controls with free-movement zone on brink of collapse | Daily Mail Online has shocking pictures of hundreds of thousands of refugees who are pouring into Europe in a tidal wave similar to previous imperial collapses such as the fall of the Roman Empire.  The EU now has to close all internal borders as this wave of humans crashes into major cities.  The route now are the rail lines which will soon cease to function at all as trains fill rapidly with illegal aliens.  This sad flow of humanity has two sources: no birth controls while child survival rates rise thanks to modern medical practices especially vaccinations and Israel’s major plan of destroying any allies of Palestine such as the rulers of Syria, Libya and Iraq.  The NATO wars against these leaders were utterly and totally illegal and are war crimes on the same level as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan’s crimes.


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Many of the World’s Most Expensive Mansions Are Right On The Beach: No Fear Of Oceans Rising!

Obama went to roaring hot Alaska where the people need to be moved further north to avoid the astonishing heat there while the rest of us are moving the Kansas to avoid drowning due to the oceans rising.  The very rich who own much of the most expensive oceanfront real estate in America are fleeing their homes which have lost value…note how the houses below in Miami, for example, have plunged in price!  Now, at bargain prices of $67 MILLION.  Cheap!  Oh, how frightened our rulers are of rising oceans!

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Obama Wants Money To Give To Alaskan Natives Because It Is Too Hot There For Them


Obama, Visiting Arctic, Will Pledge Aid to Alaskans Hit by Climate Change –it is too hot for them now.  Why, permafrost is heaving lately.  This news surprises me because the natives that do go ‘hunting’ are in the minority who do it for ‘extras’ because…Alaska has highest rate of welfare recipients in the U.S., Census says | Alaska Dispatch News claims.  Yes, the welfare rate in Alaska is much higher than the rest of the US.


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Refugee Crisis Due To Religions Forbidding Birth Control

We (husband and I) have now lived on this planet for over a half century.  I had two children.  My friends who had children generally had one or two, also.  Across the first world nations run mainly by Protestant-derived religions have seen the swift rise of family planning.  My mother had seven children and we hated each other a great deal.  In Muslim and Hindi regions we have out of control births unlike say, China, which has rapidly moved into the ring of first world nations after getting its massive population under control.  The places where it is illegal or impossible to have birth control such as Catholic controlled nations, are also feeding this out of control population boom that is now assailing the first world as excess population struggles to survive while the underclass in first world nations also give birth frequently since this increases welfare payments.


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We Know Very Little Direct Information About Our Local Star, The ‘Sun’

Screen shot 2015-09-01 at 9.36.00 AM

Kitt Peak Solar Observatory – Pics about space

I had a very unusual childhood. All my parents and grandparents including the women, were all astronomers.  I grew up in various observatories from Yerkes in Wisconsin where I was born as my mother left the observatory that night and in California, Texas and above all, Kitt Peak in Arizona, a mountain my father chose because he thought it was beautiful and a great place to live.  I am watching in horror as NASA which my dad also, a rocket expert during WWII, helped found with Kennedy, is rapidly being destroyed by the childish ‘global warming’ hysteria which came out of left field, so to speak.  I watched it evolve because I know Al Gore and the others involved because they knew my dad.

At WUWT there is this raging debate about our local star which ignores the reality of what this thing is: A SMALL STAR which is insignificant compared to most stars.  It is very small, has little power but has endurance because the giant stars all die quickly and blow up spectacularly whereas ours rolls along at the outer fringe of the Milky Way Galaxy puttering along for a billion or so years, happily circled by little planets and so far, evading all the big, explosive, nasty hotter stars that menace us.  But alas, as we circle the Galaxy we are also being drawn into that ferocious inferno and will end up annihilated in the bitter end…try telling that to small children!

Which Grandpa Pettit merrily informed me when I was less than ten years old.  Hilarious, no?


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Obama Goes To Cold Alaska To Announce New Policies For Another Ice Age

Screen shot 2015-08-31 at 8.19.18 AM

Like King Canute on the Seashore, Obama is going to Alaska to tell them all, do  not worry, it will never get warmer there, instead, he decrees that he will bring back the good old Ice Ages again.  Yes, this is evidently the plan.  We are at the tail end of this present Interglacial which turned small, foraging naked apes into human beings who have to wear animal skins to stay alive.  Here is one warmist website claiming we will NEVER see another Ice Age again thanks to the magic of CO2: Are we heading into a new Ice Age?


It can therefore be concluded that with CO2 concentrations set to continue to rise, a return to ice age conditions seems very unlikely. Instead, temperatures are increasing andthis increase may come at a considerable cost with few or no benefits.

Basic rebuttal written by Anne-Marie Blackburn


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America Is Tired Of Hillary Clinton

Screen shot 2015-08-29 at 6.44.03 PM

This is a picture of my grandson visiting the hospital last week.  I am very happy to be home but still am not out of the woods.  I seem to have a problem with my diaphragm of all things.


Now on to politics: Hillary Clinton has been all over the Democratic Party for many, many years now.  Her tenure as Secretary of State has been as bad as the Bush SoS.  The mess in Iraq has spread across the entire Muslim world with Egypt repressing liberals to total chaos in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc.


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