Chess Abilities: Russia Has Lots Of This, EU, US Has Less (Except Magnus) , Women Have Much Less Than Men

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Putin is a very competent chess player and the Chinese leaders are decent Go players and both play international politics with hostile EU/US rulers who are the Bilderberg gang and this gang of intellectual giants don’t understand deep thinking strategy since they win by being very rich and destroying their own social/economic systems, basically looting it.  Meanwhile, both Russia and China are securing their nations and building something there instead of driving both deep into debt.  Russia Outplays the West


Bloomberg commentator Leonid Bershidsky confirms what we always said would happen: Ukraine is in a bind, Russia holds all the cards, and the Russian economy is bouncing back as Western investors flood back in.


Here is a comment from a reader that I can’t beat:


Muhammad Abbass Vera Gottlieb • 13 hours ago
If they play poker anymore they play it very poorly I’d say. Even if you’re not paying close attention you can see their hand from their faces from the other side of the room. I’d say it is more like a game of snakes and ladders. Snakes crawling about, trying to climb anything that looks like a ladder but failing because they forgot they don’t have any feet.


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Black Jews Riot In Jerusalem And Jewish Group Hosts ‘Draw (Neo-Nazi) Anti-Mohammed Cartoons’ In Texas


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Bosch Fawstin: MOHAMMAD, the prize winner in the ‘make really racist/bigot anti-Muslim cartoon’ contest in Texas that ended with some angry Muslims getting killed in a shoot out.  The rich right wing Jewish lady sponsoring this contest says this proves that Muslims are evil and everyone taunting them are angels.  The stupidest thing to happen to the US since WWII was the eroding condition of relations with a billion Muslims ever since Israel was founded.  Now we are at total warfare with them and the core issues are ignored or made worse daily.

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‘Freddie’ And His Fellow Gangsters Are Unemployable

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This is a screen shot of today’s New York Bilderberg Times.  The Times owners have been top Bilderberg gangsters for generations.  The top story is about ‘Freddie’ the cute guy with an arrest record a mile long who died while being transported by the cops after resisting arrest.  The NYT wonders how poor Freddie survived unemployment, poor health, violent crime (he WAS the ‘VIOLENT CRIME’ itself!) and incarceration which is the feeble tool used by society to remove Freddie and his buddies from the streets.

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Elaine Was Arrested For Jaywalking And Was Tossed Around In A Police Van During Riot

In 1970, I was walking down Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California when I spotted an old friend walking on the other side of the street.  I hailed him but the traffic noise was loud so he didn’t hear me so I crossed over in the middle of the block and was immediately arrested for this.  Normally one isn’t arrested.  But I was mainly due to my prominence politically in the antiwar movement.

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Black Prosecutor Arrests Three Black And Three White Cops

EXCLUSIVE: The fact that three of the six officers charged in Freddie Gray death are black ‘shows this is not about race’, says family source which means both black and white cops are in dire danger of being punished if something happens when they do what is, at best, a very nasty sort of labor.  I suspect nationally, at least in black communities, police will, wholesale, go back to their 1970-1980 solution of letting the criminals run riot all the time in black communities.


This really happened!  I lived dead center in the middle of this and we had near zero police protection.  Call the cops, they come hours later even though the precinct in Brooklyn was literally just three short end blocks away, a mere five minute slow stroll.

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China Unveils New Improved Russian Sukhoi Su-27 Military Fighter Jet

Last three minutes of this news video shows the new jets flying to the Star Wars theme music.

Way back about a decade ago, the US and Boeing sold some jets to the Chinese military and leadership.  They took the planes apart and discovered they were riddled with spy devices.  I said back then, ‘China will turn to Russia and get better jets there.’  And lo and behold, they did do this and got some really spiffy jets.  Meanwhile, US allies get the F35 one of the most disastrous, expensive military jets in world history.

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Thousands More US Steel Workers Lose Jobs Due To Free Trade

Gary, Indiana, is a dying industrial giant city just like Detroit and Camden, NJ.  These cities were killed by global free trade.  The price we paid for cheap foreign goods including cheaper cars, is the annihilation of most of our first world industries.  In any world war situation, we are toast since we import much of what we use and if we are fighting China, they have the industrial base and we do not.


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