NYT and WP Lead New Attack On Putin And Trump: Prepare For A Coup Against Trump


The nation’s dumbest paper has the usual insane headlines, this one today is echoed across the entire US mainstream media: Russia gave American voters vital information our Real Rulers hid from us all and this is PURE EVIL, how dare anyone do this for us???  The very idea that someone overseas can give captives living here in the US who are deliberately lied to, deliberately driven into fatal wars and other events, giving us real information of what our rulers really are doing…is heroic to me!  The real crimes here are what our own rulers are hiding from us and this includes the CIA, Pentagon, Congress and all our recent Presidents.


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Stupid New York Times Reporters Go To Chicago To Figure Out Why DNC Cities Are Hell Holes


Today’s New York Times huge, headline article whining about high crime in Chicago without mentioning how Obama and his buddies there made it deteriorate badly with one of the highest murder rates in America:  This depressing story was written by several ‘reporters’ who anxiously went to Chicago to puzzle out what is going on there and in all the Democratic-run former industrial cities in America which are now magnets for welfare families and foreign criminals and other troublesome people now that all the former working class stiffs were destroyed by free trade. Continue reading


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Interesting Earthquake Offshore Northern California


As always, the entire earth is very active and it has been unusually active in the last 30 years with some very major earthquake/tsunami events.  Not all big earthquakes cause tsunamis or volcanic eruptions.  But when the planet is being influenced by the sun which has a big influence as does the moon, our planet goes through active cycles and quiet periods.

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Hillary And Amazon.com Bezos Attack Free Press, Want Censorship


The Washington Post continues to attack the alternative media while being forced to admit they are all liars, themselves.  This is just one example of the now-total warfare the mainstream media billionaires are waging to kill off all forms of alternative media systems.

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My Computers And Systems Had To Be Rebuilt And It Doesn’t Work Entirely Like Before, Rats!


Inside the Airfarce One which Trump doesn’t want right now.  Oh, the media has been attacking him nonstop about this. ‘How dare he refuse to spend $4 billion on a private jet!’ the mainstream media howled like banshees yesterday.  Most of them lied and pretended it would cost less than a billion dollars but that was an outright lie.


Meanwhile, I am going through hell.  All new systems have screwy stuff with them as programmers tinker and change things making posting here at my site harder and harder to do with all the bells and whistles making the format system noisy, with all sorts of stupid things popping up which I have no desire to see, auto-correction which sucks to hell, I do my own corrections.  Sheesh. I have this theory that things work great at some ‘peak point’ only to be tinkered to death and boy, this tinkering system sucks to hell and is VERY hard to ignore.


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A Very Long Kerry Speech In Israel: US Servants Of Zionists Grovel To Our Real Rulers

First, some real news from RT Russia that carries serious stories and not endless propaganda designed to drive the US public into one war after another:  US withdraws Aleppo proposals, says no consultations yet – Lavrov, the foreign minister for Russia explains how diplomacy is being stabbed in the back yet again by Peace Prize Obama and his gang of warmongers:


According to Lavrov, the Americans are currently working on an alternative plan for the city. He said the Wednesday consultations are canceled at this point.


“They have withdrawn their document and have a new one. Our initial impression is that this new document backtracks, and is an attempt to buy time for the militants, allow them to catch their breath and resupply,” Lavrov said.


The minister remarked that there would apparently be no serious discussion of the Syrian crisis with the administration of outgoing US President Barack Obama.


“The same thing happened with our agreement of September 9,” Lavrov explained. “The thing that the Americans offered on paper and what we backed is now somehow not OK for them. It’s difficult to understand who makes decisions there, but apparently there are plenty of those who want to undermine the authority and practical steps by John Kerry.”


US Secretary of State John Kerry has intensified contacts with his Russian counterpart after Republican candidate Donald Trump won the presidential election in November. According to reports in the US media, he is making last-ditch attempts to secure a place for rebel forces, which President Obama supported in Syria, in the future of the country.


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Robert Reich Joins NYT and Washington Post To Attack Real News Media

We plebians are to fear Donald Trump because Robert Reich claims that President-elect Donald Trump already employs all sorts of tricky tricks like telling the truth or talking directly to us.


1. Berate the media. Last week, Trump summoned two-dozen TV news anchors and executives to the twenty-fifth floor of Trump Tower to berate them for their reporting about him during the election…He accused NBC of using unflattering pictures of him, demanding to know why they didn’t use “nicer” pictures.


Another person who attended the meeting said Trump “truly doesn’t seem to understand the First Amendment. He thinks we are supposed to say what he says and that’s it.”


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