Hillary Clinton Goes After Alex Jone’s Infowars Without A Peep Of Her Own Secret Society Crap!

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The video reminds us of previous dirty tricks from way back in the early 1960s.  Goldwater was one of my father’s friends and I remember well how upset everyone was about these odious ads.  Now our media giants play ‘dirty tricks’ over and over again, nakedly.  This time, in pursuit of stopping a non-Bilderberg gangster from gaining the White House.  Clintons and Bushes are one and the same, behind the curtain.  In front of the stage, they pretend to be at odds.  But as more and more Bush dark figures openly campaign for the Clintons, this hidden association is now rising to the surface for all to see.

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We Always Have One Day Left: Death

Meditation at the Grafton Peace Pagoda – YouTube

I called my little site ‘The Culture of Life News’ because I want life, not WWIII.  Our rulers, on the other hand, gain their vast power via the power to kill with impunity and to accuse others of crimes while committing much worse crimes.  They are the Culture of Death.  Daily, we have news about their unpleasant crimes alongside the underclass which gets similar impunity for committing crimes, 80% of which are never prosecuted which is still more prosecution than the elites who nearly always get away with crimes.  But then there is the other element here: people die suddenly and we can’t do a thing about this.

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Hillary Bribes Finally Making Some Headlines, More Irritating Leaks of Vital Information To Voters

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Now thanks to hackers, we finally have some information about how Hillary and Bill both ran around the planet while she was Secretary of State, collecting bribes.  This corrupt woman claims now via the NYT and WP that she didn’t always gave tit for tat, she just did it much of the time but not every time!  HAHAHA.  I want her arrested.  Charged.  Evidence points to another Snowden at the NSA is now leaking our criminal leaders’ secrets!  Funny, how the NYT and WP don’t even mention this news on the front page.  HAHAHA.  A Conflicted Trump Has a New Goal: Stick to the Script and Black Voters Don’t Recognize Trump’s View of Their Lives which the Times claims is, he talks about their massive out of wedlock births and crime and chaos and this isn’t happening, is it, readers?  HAHAHA.

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Hillary’s Obvious Physical Deterioration Is Freaking Out Media Giants Supporters

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Bruni: Hillary Health Shocker! The NYT is now in desperation mode.  Their staff are toiling hard to fix the flat tire candidacy since it is obvious to everyone now that Hillary plans nearly zero public appearances except on comedy shows (WTF?) run by liberals.  This serious campaign is being conducted at Comedy Central.  Hillary opened a jar that was pre-cracked open to prove she is fit to run for office.  Seriously.


Although she has gone to extraordinary lengths to distract and deceive American voters, the truth is finally coming out: Hillary Clinton has an 11th toe.


HAHAHA.  How about a second head?  I wondered all summer long, and it was supposed to be the Hottest Summer EVER according to warmists, this lady always appeared in public in the rare occasions she showed up anywhere, dressed as if it were winter.  From head to toe, totally covered up with a tent and wide pants.

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Scot Soccer Team Punished Because Fans Waved Palestinian Flags At Israel Team Event

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Celtic fans warned not to fly Palestinian flags at match in Israel | Football | The Guardian: They flew these flags in Scotland already and are being punished for this via a fine.  The fines are designed to discourage people from doing this but the fans are defiant and laugh in the face of the international body that pretends Palestine doesn’t exist.

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Trump Up, Clinton Down, Clinton Scandals, Health Wrecks Media Propaganda Campaign

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The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

HAHAHA.  The NYT headlines are funny as all hell.  So, Trump is secretive about his health and so is Hillary?  What does he have to hide so far?  The main danger to his health is being assassinated and since his poll numbers took off this week, the elites are back to square one: how to kill Trump.  Hillary’s declining health is a huge issue online outside the mainstream media but her attempt at hiding this by not appearing in public at all is a huge clue to even clueless people, something is very, very wrong.  The NYT does the ‘kill the messenger’ on this story.

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Africans Excel In Physical Sports While Eurasians Excel In Intellectual Games

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Abstruse Goose | Warrior

(1 of 3) Why Black Athletes Are Bigger, Stronger And Faster — By Tai Zen – YouTube

Yes, evolution is all about survival, death, disasters, diseases, and successes.  There are two major evolutionary channels at work here on our little planet: people living in primitive conditions, the offspring of former slaves forced to do manual labor, are all fantastic athletes and ancient civilizations with a long history of building and inventing stuff and I am speaking mainly about China here, are producing intellectuals, ditto with India, another very ancient civilization.

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