Latest ‘Fashion Cycle’ Is One Of The Ugliest This Last 100 Years

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The latest scheme for top notch media creeps is to get attention by wearing see-through clothing.  Some designs are expensive materials and some are really cheap looking but all are looking for cameras to gloat over them and thus, make some money via being obnoxious celebrities.  The other fav item of wear are jeans that have been run over by spiked drums that tear off sections as if this is due to wearing it a lot, not mindless ripping up to appear poor while paying a huge amount for this ‘wear and tear’ garbage.


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Friend’s Grandson Bit By Humane Society Adopted Pit Bull

And he, just three years old, barely survived.  The pit bull was adopted by his 16 year old sister and they were told ‘This dog is friendly with children’.  So, the child was eating something, the pit bull ran up to him and bit his entire face, the child went into surgery for six hours and now has huge scars down the face, the nose was nearly bitten off by this dangerous dog.


I assured the family this morning, they should sue the Humane Society for telling them the dog was child-friendly and I hope they succeed in this, it was utterly irresponsible to release dangerous dog breeds based in people’s personal assessment.  I want all pit bulls put down by this group, not reinserted into society when they are obvious failures as pets.


I have to go to work now.  Will write about this later.


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Hispanics Riot At NM Trump Rally, Obamas Plan To Keep Daughter In Private DC High Class School

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Trump rally erupts in violence: New Mexico protesters storm speech and clash with police – overturning barricades, setting fires and chanting ‘shut it down’ – as many flee the sound of ‘gunshots’ as mainly Hispanic protestors show anger over any idea of stopping the flood of illegal aliens and incidentally, I would assume many of the rioters were either illegal aliens or born in the US as anchor babies.  Barack and Michelle Obama choose Kalorama suburb as their post-White House home so they can be close to the private school their youngest daughter attends which happens to be ’embassy row’ in DC and has many, many more police than the black neighborhoods and also near-zero murder rate.

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Today We See Clearly How Super Cold Over Hudson Bay Leads To Ice Ages

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Global warmists love to hang on desperately to ‘warmer than normal’ conditions in Siberia and Alaska to peddle their ideology.  But note the coldest part of the northern hemisphere today: HUDSON BAY.  This is the epicenter of all Ice Ages, I am thinking.  All of Canada except for the West Coast was covered by mile thick ice every Ice Age and so is a hunk of the northern and especially Great Lakes regions of the US, too.  Few ask, why were glaciers so powerful in Europe and North America but virtually none in Siberia and Alaska?  That is the key to understanding the last 3 million years of our climate.

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The NYT Discovers That Black Thugs, Not Cops, Kill 98% All Blacks

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The NYT ruling elites decided it is time, due to Trump triumphing, to talk about how blacks are victims of black murderers but not talk about why the community has disintegrated as it moved more and more into former industrial giant cities that were utterly wrecked by free trade which the NYT peddles as a great thing that has no downsides.  The key family in today’s NYT expose story is typical of the average modern black family: adult males live with their mothers, not wives and very, very few of these men ever marry anyone.  Meanwhile, they have collectively, no father figures at all, just uncles and cousins who also live with their own moms, too.

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Putsch In Israel As ‘Liberal’ General Is Kicked Out And Fascist Lieberman Takes Over

Israel’s General Golan Compares Modern Israel to 1930s Germany – YouTube

Israel is undergoing yet another far right wing putsch with a neo-Jewish Nazi replacing the ‘middle of the road’ (sic) Jewish ethnic cleansing boss.  As Netanyahu and his people imitate the Nazis more and more we must remember that the Nazis were not total Nazis until WWII when Hitler decided to eliminate all Jews via murdering them all which is exactly where the Jews in the Middle East are heading since locking up Palestinians in the Warsaw Ghetto and then starving them isn’t working fast enough for the radicals who have taken over much of the Jews-only regime.  Naturally, the US media doesn’t discuss any of this but the NYT, being run by Zionists, did have a tiny back page story about what is going on in Israel this week:

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Multi-Mansion, Yacht Owning Actor DiCaprio Lectures Us On Consuming Energy Is Evil

Peek Inside Leonardo DiCaprio’s $23-Million Malibu Mansion – YouTube

Leonardo DiCaprio accused of hypocrisy after taking a private jet to pick up an ENVIRONMENTAL award in New York… before flying back for another star-studded gala in France because, like all the other super-rich, he loves to lord it over all of us while preaching to us how we must downsize to save the planet.  Stop consuming and live in huts, he demands, while living in multiple mansions and flying private jets just like the Pope who loves doing this sort of thing, it comes with his job.  Al Gore does this, too, as does Hillary Clinton.  All of these utter hypocrites want US to run around wearing hair shirts, whipping our backs for ‘destroying the earth’ while they devour massive amounts of natural resources, living a super-high life of luxury and fun.

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