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US Threatens China With Open Warfare

ΩΩAs the US merrily heads straight towards WWIII with China, the US peace movement goes entirely off the rails.  After a huge meeting here in Albany, they decided the most important immediate action they should take is to…attack the citizens of Arizona?  Talk about insane!  Anyway, the US has deliberately chosen to up the ante with China hoping we can use our military to muscle our chief credit provider. Continue reading


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Protectionism Is Best Choice During Depressions

ΩΩSorry about the lack of a daily story lately, my schedule has been very busy from 6am to well into the evening. But today, I am free!  Hooray!  The world is still very much in the grip of a global depression.  Proof of this is the wild swings between states suddenly being forced to pay very high interest rates on borrowing while the biggest economies are nearly all ZIRP while seeing real economic growth flounder in the 1% or less growth sub basement.  All of this increases protectionism including protecting the borders from economic refugees.  The US and EU struggle with protectionism, that is, continue to cling to internationalism whereas Asia goes fully protectionist.   Continue reading


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US To Spend Another $59 Billion On Futile Wars

ΩΩEconomic hell is continuing and is connected directly to US imperial pretensions.  While we allow our industrial base and our international trading position to deteriorate to dreadful levels, our debts shooting upwards while our cohesion collapses, we roll merrily on based on our darling floating fiat currency which allows us to run on empty downhill for a long, long time.  Enough time to end up in hell.  The war spending is increasing even as the US pretends we must live within our means…someday.  Meanwhile, China issues an official warning to keep our noses out of Chinese spheres of influence in Asia.   Continue reading


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Brave Victorian Women: August 1896 News In NY

ΩΩWhile looking for a totally different story about the famous heatwave of early August, 1896, I ended up reading a lot of stories in the NYT archives from that month.  What struck me was how many amazing stories about women doing things especially capturing thieves, saving drowning children while dressed in heavy clothes and other exploits.  Below is a sampling of just a handful of these stories which illustrates how active, strong and daring women were during the heyday of the Victorian era and how our perception of the past doesn’t always match the actual reality. Continue reading


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Cave of Wealth And Death: Ethnic Identity Politics Are Deadly

ΩΩKilling peasants is very easy if there is no restraints in suppressing them.  You simply butcher everyone.  This is what we did to Fallujah, for example.  The war crimes committed by the US, UK and Israel are harder and harder to run away from, meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the peasants captured 2 US soldiers while killing a bunch of other invaders.  I am, as usual, going to talk about all the contradictions of ‘citizenship’ and the meaning of international agreed borders and why there is no such thing as a ‘global citizen’.  This is key to a political understanding of how to save ourselves or how any group of people have to save themselves from internal as well as external dangers. Continue reading


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Looting The Public Purse Leads To Bad Things

ΩΩWorld finances are clearly showing us that the present global credit bubble is deflating and this means we will have more, not less, depression a la Japan.  Elizabeth Warren, one of the few good people in DC, is trying to force Goldman Sachs to tell her who are their counterparties in hedge deals.  Meanwhile, I notice that the issue of illegal aliens continues to roil the public debate as it should.  And our NATO allies are all going broke so they are refusing to fund military adventures but Hil Clinton wants us to give SE Asian countries like Vietnam, cover by our military umbrella?  Talk about insane. Continue reading


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The Healthcare Gold Tax And Stagnant Wage Tax Revenues

ΩΩGold hoarders get hammered by Congress.  Goldman Sachs spends record amounts bribing Congress so they get to do business as usual.  And the US wonders about depressions and tries to not look at Japan too closely even though we are aping the Japanese in many bad ways.  Clegg, in the UK, admits the Iraq war was illegal which sets up howls in London, how dare he tell the truth?  And Germany, like China, is retrenching and strengthening its defenses. Continue reading


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