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US Due To Sail Off Fiscal Cliff Into Radioactive Economic Plume

USS Reagan staff jokes about radioactive poisoning

Click her to see You Tube video of USS Reagan staff laughing as radiation alarms wail:  The USS Reagan sailors sailed directly into the most deadly plume of nuclear poisons during the worst of the Fukushima explosions and fires.  They thought this was funny!  A joke.  A laugh riot.  Now, a year later, they are scared, understandably.  The economic/financial mess we are in is the same.  We don’t take much of this very seriously and strange going ons cover up what is needed to save us from economic doom.  Everyone has a game plan and few have any basic knowledge as to how systems work, we just sail in circles in and out of poisonous radioactive economic forces that are invisible to us. Continue reading


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Counterpunch Michael Hudson Doesn’t Understand History Of Financing Wars

History is a difficult study.  People love to read and think about history but also edit it so it obeys various ideological rules.  This way, one can read history and learn nothing.  When I read people’s examinations about ‘money’ and ‘capital’ and ‘labor’ it is quite clear the US prohibition against reading Karl Marx has taken a huge toll on our collective ability to figure out what are essentially simple concepts.  Instead, I see on the ‘left’ calls for printing and distributing paper money and on the right, tax evasion, a refusal to fund the government and an inability to understand how sovereign wealth operates. Continue reading


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Hitachi Japan Loses Industrial Base Like Detroit

Fewer and fewer Japanese own cars

Japan continues to plunge downwards.  With the LDP winning less than 45% of the vote but getting 80% of the seats in the government, we have a right wing, imperialist government that wants to sweep Fukushima under the rug while expanding nuclear power construction in Japan.  The strong yen is preventing exports to the US so jobs are being off shored faster and faster.  And no one seems able to fix Fukushima which continues massive pollution of the Pacific Ocean and much of Japan’s main island. Continue reading


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Carbon Trade Scam Similar To Bank Lending Tricks

People living in hot places have easy lives

Click here to see the video:  Peru tribes decry rise of the ‘carbon pirate’ Al Jazeera English.  The fraud that is the CO2 trade business was obvious to me from nearly the start.  As time passes, it is increasingly obvious this is all a big rip off mainly of northern people living in sometimes severe cold.  And it will be cold here on my mountain starting this week with sub-zero nights! Continue reading


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Broken Snow Plow And Broken Congress: Winter Disasters!

snowy Xmas on Taconic mountainside


We finally had a real snow storm yesterday for the first time in two years.  I haven’t used my snowplow since 20010 and when I fired it up the other day to see if it worked, it worked fine.  But when I went to snowplow yesterday, the hydraulic hoses broke and it seized up on the driveway.  I managed to drag it back inside for repairs.  Here in the icy cold north, we have to battle winter and equipment failures can make life rather hellish.  This is partly why the latest population figures show people leaving the Northeast and moving generally to hot, dry places.  Global warming is the desired option for most humans who prefer to be warm, not cold.   Continue reading


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Dick Armey Steals Several Million From Tea Party Chumps

From day one, the Tea Party movement was sucked into the GOP machine only it didn’t simply turn into the obedient slave of the elitists running the GOP for their own profit, it caused the right wing gears to grind badly.  One problem the Tea Party caused was to make it nearly impossible for GOP national candidates to turn on a dime and lie to the voters on the right.  Now, their promises and statements have to be honored which pisses off the top 1% who consider the average GOP voter to be an easy fool to use for their own ends.  The recent coup of the misnamed ‘Freedom Works’  by Dick the Prick Armey shows how hard the GOP elites want to control the Tea Party. Continue reading


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Pope Celebrates Xmas By Attacking Gays

pope attacks gay marriage while wearing stunning floor length gown


Merry Xmas to all and sundry today!  The earth didn’t end.  And God didn’t smite the Pope for being hanging out with his anti-women bed buddies in the Vatican, either.  The Pope, a charming Hitler Youth guy, gets his jollies off attacking gay men and women for daring to want civil rights.  He also ‘forgives’ his butler who exposed the corruption and evil inside the Vatican.  Yup, another day in the dark world of believers in a God that decided to murder people due to their sex lives.  I am still puzzled as to why we should love and pet this guy who hates us.  Hard to figure out, no? Continue reading


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