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EU Central Bank Considers Giving Everyone Free Money To Restart Dying Economy Hit Hard By Russia Boycott




We have seen raging inflation in many a sector during this long ZIRP central bank money printing depression.  This peculiar depression with so much inflation and bubbles has resulted in the rich getting filthy rich and the lower classes hammered to the point of rebellion and destruction.  The central banks who created this disaster are frantically trying to fix it but of course, the banking disaster is part of the free trade disaster.  They are hitched to each other like Santa’s reindeer.  And the European Union is now a sled drawn by  one lame reindeer, one shot in the chest, one drugged up, one on strike.  So it is skidding to the earth.  No surprise.  Boycott a major buyer/supplier is destroying the EU economy.  Thank you, NATO.  Thanks a million, Bilderberg gang.

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‘Hottest Year Ever’ And ‘We Won’t Let You All Stop Immigrants!’ Are Today’s Bilderberg Junk News

The EU economy is going down in flames thanks to the boycott of Russia and Russia’s retaliation for the overthrow of an elected government the Bilderberg gang wanted out of power.  The cockeyed plan hatched by our richest leaders has backfired badly.  Control of the oil and gas in Eastern Ukraine is firmly in Russian hands now while Russia knows Europe needs their cheap fuel badly.  A big power station in England blew up and burned taking out over 3% of their electricity just as winter looms.

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China #1 Banking Power, US Diplomacy Collapses In Eastern Ukraine As Putin Gives Out Goodies And Kiev Steals Stuff

The US and EU are super-anxious to paint Russia and China as evil nations that are doing nasty things while NATO runs around the planet doing very nasty things to people including invading and murdering millions.  The exceptionalism which the Bilderberg news media owners boast about is the double standard of diplomacy which says, ‘We can loot, kill and steal whatever we wish with no diplomacy while our opponents have to obey international laws and diplomatic niceties.’  This childish system of ‘me good/you naughty’ informs all of what our rulers do today.  Meanwhile, for the last ten years, our media owners have joined forces to tell everyone, China is stupid/collapsing/evil/doomed while China gets richer and richer and the US grows poorer and poorer.

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Mrs. Obama Complains About Increasing ‘Resegregation’ In Schools

One of the Most Dangerous Schools in America – YouTube, Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia, PA.

Just this week, at a commencement speech, the First Lady complained about the deteriorating situation in schools especially predominantly black schools.  Here is the NYT story complete with no comments allowed:  Michelle Obama Cites View of Growing Segregation – NYTimes.com


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US Taxes Flow Overseas, US Diplomacy Endangers Americans, Foreign Agents Own Congress And Media

Hardship Makes a New Home in the Suburbs – NYTimes.com details the terrible struggles recent ‘immigrants’ (aka: illegal aliens) to survive in California.  That dry, hot state absorbed a huge tsunami of foreigners invading the last 30 years.  They were great cheap labor and wages of carpenters and brick layers and other professions fell like a rock compared to inflation which is why this flood was encouraged by the elites who greatly profited from this.


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Yellen, No Surprise, Will Keep ZIRP Banking Going Despite Obvious Huge Inflation Surges

Federal Reserve cornucopia

A photo I took in DC showing the cornucopia of the Federal Reserve

Our elites have done various things over the years that created the present economic mess.  They did all these things in order to make themselves richer and more powerful but this process has destroyed the US economic base and many of our manufacturing cities lie in smoldering ruins today thanks to stupid policies.  It all began with the Vietnam War and politicians hiding the real cost of that war via printing money.  To do this, Nixon and Burns cut the gold standard.  To fix the following hyperinflation, free trade was instituted whereby the US now imports more and more manufactured goods, this in turn, killed our cities and laid waste to the working class that once manufactured goods.


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Fully Automated Assassin Drones, More NSA Spying, More Al Qaeda Surges

FBI no longer is about enforcing laws

The farce of the ‘War on Terror’ grows clearer by the hour.  This myopic war was a fraud from day one.  The US elites knew perfectly well who is funding al Qaeda: the Saudi Royals, CIA and Mossad. They knew that the hijackings were allowed to proceed.  They knew the people of Afghanistan had virtually nothing to do with it and Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.  They also knew that the US public could be either led by the nose or fall for goofy explanations for these events rather than look at the Saudi/CIA/Mossad triumvirate.  Now, the morphing of the US into the USSR continues with the FBI no longer enforcing US laws but rather, is an arm of the NSA.  Note the open lie about ‘not keep a file on every citizen’ BS.

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