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Financial Analysis Is All About The Soul

Picture 3Before I launch into business news, I wish to explain the difference between business and science.  Science is the accumulated, joint exploration of Nature and uses a methodology that that tests suppositions and there may be spirited debate about conclusions concerning data and experimentations but these are resolved by using more data and running more experiments and also going back in history to find previous information, data and new information which is why it is so much hard work.

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Vanity Beauty Treatments Are Far More Dangerous Than Any Vaccinations

A number of websites that like to scare people are jumping on the ‘scary vaccination shot’ bandwagon.  They then exaggerate every possible fear in order to get people to not get vaccinations.  Some of these fearful stories are rather pathetic such as the ‘mercury poisoning’ fears.  True, mercury is not good for us.  But the miniscule amounts involved in a vaccination pale in comparison to say, eating a fish dinner.  And the true menace to our health is vanity: throughout history, the most dangerous substances and practices are done in the name of ‘beautification’. Continue reading


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Pregnant Women At Increased Hazard Of Death From Swine Flu

More swine flu news.  Now, there is a flurry of news about this and people seeking to see only one side end up not thinking through all the implications of this business.  For example, the fact that asthma suffers and pregnant mothers are dying because of this disease.  We also visit Japan yet again due to some awful social news from there.  Japan is the Sinking Japanese battleship Yamato . Continue reading


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The Mystery Of The Missing Planet: The Late Great Bombardment

Picture 4Another comet hit Jupiter exactly on the anniversary of the previous comet hit we saw 15 years ago.  Also, the Spitzer Space Telescope took a stunning picture of a galaxy that is in the process of merging with a smaller galaxy, triggering massive star formation activity around a very large black hole.  It should now be obvious that not only do all galaxies have black holes, all galaxies are falling towards one and another, a paradox of the expanding universe that really isn’t expanding in this regard, but rather, is falling into each other. Continue reading


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Trilateral Talking Heads: Biden, Bernanke and PBS Drone, Lehrer

Bernanke and Jim LehrerRon Paul has Bernanke on the run.  Fears about the audit the Fed Bill, H.R. 1207: Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 has the conspirators who own the Fed, shipping out their head puppy to go around, assuring everyone that the Fed is a good guy, not the epicenter of the destruction of our currency and financial systems.  Of course, instead of having this clueless man debate, say, Ron Paul in public, he is going around chatting with handpicked audiences who ask simplistic, silly questions he can easily answer.  But he has yet to engage us, the army of online critics and Ron Paul’s bill supporters. Continue reading


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A Rabbinical Discussion Of Modern Banking Politics

Violent thunderstormEndless storms rage here. Our streams that normally run at a trickle in July are running as if this were May.  The storms that have ravaged world finances and trade also continue.  Even though we hope they have abated, the underlying data is quite clear, we are no way out of this mess.  Even though it is a weekend, there has been a number of stories left over from Friday that are worth discussing including the curious story about the rabbis in New Jersey and Brooklyn as well as the Federal Reserve talking about doubling the holdings of mortgages, etc. Continue reading


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The Family Is the Most Important Economic Unit Of All

99% of the time I post a story every day.  Yesterday was an exception.  We have had record amounts of rain, often in the form of violent thunderstorms, all summer long.  I am in the process of terracing the landscape for water control purposes as well as building two new roads on my mountain.


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