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Manchester March By British People Against Terrorists: Government Hates Citizens Fighting Terrorists

Tommy Robinson: Cops threaten store over “Don’t fund terrorism” sign – YouTube


Manchester, England, had a huge clash between native British people and the invaders from Muslim countries who have this odious alliance with ANTIFA terrorists.  This disgusting alliance has led to Europe being nearly destroyed, so far, thanks to Bilderberg gangsters encouraging this invasion.  The Bilderberg gang is doing this so that the natives will cling to the power brokers who will then ‘protect’ them all but it doesn’t work.  Since the gang is running this massive invasion here in the US as well, they can’t passively let the terrorists being brought in, to run riot.  So people are waking up: their ‘leaders’ are actually creeps out to enslave everyone.

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Muslim London Mayor Claims No Money To Stop Terrorists

Piers Morgan Grills Sadiq Khan Over Jihadists in London – YouTube


There are people trying desperately to make the Muslim mayor of London look good when he is dangerous as well as stupid.  Now, angry people in England are seeing lots of news in the ‘working stiff’ media (not the BBC, of course) about how this mayor is spending more money and more cops to police people talking about Muslims in an angry way while cutting money for terror attacks!  Not to mention, the government of England lets jihadists run in and out when they please and on top of this, Muslim terrorists demand a ‘safe place’ in Australia to vent their rage and plot. Continue reading


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English Citizens Learn More And More How Government Deliberately Let Jihadist Run Riot

The above story in the London Daily Mail  was not on the front page of say, the New York Times.  What is front page for them are endless stories about what Trump isn’t doing right.  This preacher, for example, spread hate openly under Obama but Trump has caused him to bolt back to his terror hideout.  Since this protects Americans and Europeans, the NYT won’t report it at all.  As Trump struggles to stop the terror, he is sucked into Obama and Hillary’s wars overseas.  Now, the mainstream fake news blames him for all that, too, while protecting terrorists instead of hunting them down.

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UK Police KNEW Terrorists, Citizens Reported Them Earlier

Trump under scrutiny for tweets responding to the London terror attack – YouTube


The US and UK mainstream media fake news is, even today!…for talking mean about terrorists instead of talking ‘love them and don’t deport or arrest them’ like all the liberals!  Well, it turns out, due to political correctness, the police in England didn’t bother the terrorists as they openly organized and pushed for terror attacks.  Repeated attempts at getting the cops to do something but who were prevented by politicians and celebrities, we now see rising rage in the citizens who are sick and tired of being attacked by known terrorists!

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Nigel Farage Investigated By FBI For Meeting Assange In London

Nigel Farage is ‘person of interest’ in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia – YouTube


Unnamed ‘sources’ from inside the Deep State aka Bilderberg gang, claims that Nigel Farage Is “Person Of Interest” In FBI’s Probe Of Trump And Russia | Zero Hedge reports:


 In what may be the most unexpected news of Thursday morning, the Guardian has reported that former UKIP leader, and the man largely responsible for Brexit, Nigel Farage is a “person of interest” in the FBI’s investigation looking into possible collusion between the Kremlin and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

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Manchester Bomber Reported Teacher For Lecturing Him About Muslim Terrorists

‘Hey, hey, ho, ho’ (their childish chant straight out of Snow White and the Seven Triggered Dwarves) Student takeover of Evergreen State College – YouTube


The lunacy of liberal ‘schools’ for dummies on the West Coast and the Islamic radical terrorists in Europe who make it obvious long before they butcher their neighbors and assorted innocent victims, the crazy parts of humanity are in full flow right now and so of course, everyone in power wants to attack Trump, not these obvious criminals and terrorists who are systematically destroying society!  Wow.  Just amazing to watch all this unfold…endlessly… Continue reading


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London Daily Mail Has Huge Terrorist Story/CIA Leak Headlines, NYT Has Nothing

The New York Times top of the page and Daily Mail Online are from different universes.  

The NYT is a nonstop attack on our President elected by the citizens and the Daily Mail is all about the terrorist attack in London, how it was definitely a very organized operation from Libya, destroyed by Hillary and her gang years ago, and how angry the Prime Minister of England is angry with the CIA.  Note how the Daily Mail has to lie about this and readers attack it for lying.  The NYT doesn’t even have it anywhere on the main page so no one can notice the propaganda side of the news since they are doing the good old ‘wipe out the news and lie about everything’ mode.

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