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EU Solvency II Regulations Drives Crooks To Swiss Protection

ΩΩThe Solvency II laws passed by the EU in 2008 and which are supposed to begin this winter are causing the remaining pirates in the EU to flee to Switzerland, top headquarters for all banking gnomes.  The AIG bail out is riddled with crimes, frauds and schemes and we should arrest everyone involved and especially the heads of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.  This might fix what ails the Federal Reserve, aside from auditing it. But a corrupt Congress blew it again and refused to properly regulate anyone who is a banking crook.  Much less, stop all those pirate coves. Continue reading


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G8 And US Congress Fixed NOTHING In Banking

ΩΩThe G20 spewed out tons of CO2 pollution and consumed huge amounts of oil in order to talk about doing absolutely nothing but keep up the present unsustainable and very stupid status quo.  Nothing that was broken was fixed.  The international pirate banking houses will continue their carry trade/derivative swap business which spews economic chaos like the broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.  Citizens of Canada were ruthlessly beaten by heavily armed goons and treated like Afghani peasants and the fiction of Canada being a ‘liberal’ country is shown to be false.  The hammer will be used on all citizens of all G8 countries in order to keep this stupid status quo.  Nothing will be reformed.  Nothing will be altered.   Continue reading


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CIA And Mossad Want Anwar Ibrahim Assassinated

ΩΩThe G20 meeting ends with nothing except more hot air.  All the creeps flew into this latest violent confrontation between global cops and anyone who is a ‘citizen’ but not a ruling elite.  These international creeps all used up a lot of oil to have this meeting and their CO2 spewing pollution heated up the planet and the hot air of these bloviating polluters caused more environmental damage than the BP deep sea oil well, metaphorically speaking.

Since my article has created an uproar in Malaysia, here is further information about this curious business and I hope everyone in Malaysia reads this article very carefully all the way through:  Anwar Ibrahim Made His Own Bad Choices During DC Visit « Culture of Life News Continue reading


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Science Versus Muddled Magic

ΩΩIt doesn’t matter what the topic, there is a huge, huge gap between wishful thinking and any hard science and neither has much to do with philosophy which is all about thinking about difficult things that fall into no known category.  The field of biological sciences seems to be a locus point for a great deal of savage fighting over what is real and what is not real.  That is, the parts of the brain activated the most in any debates about living things and history involve deep, hardly recognized emotions. Continue reading


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G8 Versus G20=Wheels Spinning And Lots Of US Whining

ΩΩThe G20 meeting has embedded within, the G8 who are meeting above and beyond the greater group.  This inner circle happens to be the US/NATO/Japan group who did the usual warmongering, whining, demanding stuff they do all the time when excluding the BRIC group.  There is dissension within the G8 with the ZIRP nations running immense government overspending versus the German inflation-phobic group.  Rioters burn and loot outside in what is normally quiet Canada and of course, inside, there is naked fear that looting on a greater scale may happen across many of the G20 nations, a notion the Chinese take most seriously. Continue reading


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Obama Surrenders To AIPAC, Petraeus Chooses Brutal Suppression

As I feared, Obama is moving rapidly into far, far rightwing territory when it comes to religious warfare across the entire planet.  AIPAC has warned Obama, he is their puppet every much as the President of Egypt is controlled by them.  Our invasion of Afghanistan is no longer even going to pretend to be all about winning ‘hearts and minds’ but rather, will be an endless mindless hate-filled grinding colonialist war aimed at crushing the tribes there.  We are on the road to WWIII.  All hopes for a sane foreign policy is now going up in literal flames. Continue reading


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Holistic Medicine Is Also Big Pharma Profits

ΩΩLast fall I discovered a world I was unaware of, that is, the anti-vaccination community.  Many readers lost their heads when I endorsed the concept of using vaccinations to deal with the dreaded Viral Kingdom, one of the oldest life forms on earth.  One that mainly lives inside of other living things.  Well, vaccination stories have been in the news lately and I shoved this aside because of other pressing concerns like the dangerous oil crisis, for example.  But it is time to plunge back into the business about how we can protect ourselves from epidemics and debilitating diseases. Continue reading


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