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Swedish Man Prison Sentence Increased For Telling Truth About Muslim Invaders

Swedish citizen who is Swedish, not foreign, is put in prison for tweeting ‘Many Muslim immigrants have no integrated into society.’  I keep pointing out: there is zero ‘free speech’ rights anywhere in Europe.  The EU is very brutal about debates: es ist verboten!  In England, for example, Tommy Robinson is being denied access to the internet and major news systems as the Soviet European State struggles to stop dissention within.

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Russia And China Celebrate Congress Ending Saudi Alliance, Trump Vetoes

A handful of Republicans, anxious to get Trump out of power, have joined with an army of Democrats who vote down things they voted for not that long ago (OBAMA) and so they passed a bill to end US military support of Saudi Arabia.  This is OK but for one key factor: Russia and China, pushed into conflict by Trump due to him pleasing Israel or because he wants to fix our gigantic trade deficit with China, will now take over Saudi Arabia in an alliance.


This is a big, big problem in Europe: most of their oil based energy systems now depend very much on Russia and Saudi Arabia.  Europe’s leaders who are internationalists want to destroy Europe’s economic systems so they have decided to freeze to death the working class and to flood the working class neighborhoods with legal and illegal aliens who hate European people and this is causing massive conflicts inside Europe.


First, a look at the very recent past, right at the beginning of Trump’s presidency: The Jerusalem Post, June, 2017—Neither AIPAC nor Congress fought this arms deal just two years ago.


The year was 1981 and the director of AIPAC was calling for a “showdown” with the Reagan administration, saying “This country is being held hostage to the whims of the Saudis.”


Israel’s relations with Saudi Arabia are very murky.  Keeping the Saudis tied into Europe and NATO is important for the Israelis, it means SA won’t attack Israel.


Affairs Committee, then helmed by Tom Dine, famously lost the battle but won the war: President Ronald Reagan got the necessary congressional backing to secure the sales to Saudi Arabia, but AIPAC had drawn enough blood from a powerful and popular executive that from then on the Israel lobby became known as a force to be reckoned with.


Yes, a foreign lobby interfered with US diplomacy.  AIPAC does this openly all the time now as do other foreign lobbies.  They have huge powers in Congress, for example.


Some 35 or so years later, another massive sale to Saudi Arabia is set to go, valued at $110 billion, and it also includes combat aircraft and sophisticated radar technology. President Donald Trump made the sale a signature accomplishment of his Middle East tour last week.


I will note here that AIPAC was OK about Bush Jr. letting all the Saudis flee the US after 9/11 while all US flights were locked down, Saudis were free to fly.  This immense fact is nearly never mentioned by anyone in mainstream media.


But this time, neither AIPAC nor Congress are putting up much of a fight.


So, two years ago, dead silence.


“We believe Congress should closely scrutinize such arms sales to ensure they do not undermine Israel’s security in a dangerous and volatile region,” he said.


The Zionist Organization of America, the lone major Jewish group expressing reservations about the sale, was nonetheless circumspect in outlining what it said were its “serious concerns.”


So, just two years ago, ‘no concerns’?  HAHAHA.


“ZOA appreciates and echoes the good US intentions related to the weapons sale to the Saudi Kingdom,” its May 22 statement said.


“It’s a testament to how much has changed in the last decade, that the Israelis don’t quite see the Saudis as enemies any longer,” said Jonathan Schanzer, the vice president at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies think tank. “They’re certainly not allies, but I’m not sure they even see them as adversaries.”


Wow…recently, the Saudis who are very brutal, beat a reporter to death.  England kept a reporter, Assange, trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy for years, was stormed and arrested.


The Jewish man, Schanzer, was OK with the deal two years ago but now?  I am betting he is suddenly against it. Just a few DAYS ago, the Saudi Crown Prince met with AIPAC and the Jews were very friendly with him.


The prince visited with officials from AIPAC, Stand for Israel, the American Jewish Committee, ADL, the Jewish Federation of North America, and others. The visits were revealed in a leaked copy of his itinerary, and were not meant to be publicized.


It’s not just that these groups are Jewish, as such, or even that they’re broadly pro-Israel. Much of the controversy is seen as many of the groups are both involved in the Israeli settlement venture, illegal under international law and widely criticized in the Middle East, and are anti-BDS groups.


This news didn’t make much of the mainstream news, did it?  Nope.  One wonders why…HAHAHA.  Nope.  Nothing is murkier than Middle Eastern politics.  Trump has bent over backwards to please the Israelis and the Saudis and both want him to and yet both are rivals with each other.


Want more bizarre news today?

So, the multi-multi-millionaire Jewish former mayor of NYC…met with and was friendly with the evil Saudi.  Then the Jewish guys in Congress voted to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia two weeks later.


Why was the rich Jewish politician happy with the secret meeting in ISRAEL where both met?  Hello??? Why did I not see a thing about this at the NYT?  Hello, again!  Always look for where things fall silent, I say.


Jerusalem Post:Israel’s qualitative military edge should be maintained.”

In September, Israel and the US signed what was at the time a “historic” arms deal which takes effect on October 1, 2018, and would see Jerusalem receive $38b. in military aid over a decade.


So, the Jewish lobby gets a gift of nearly $40 billion at taxpayer expense and then turns around and kills a deal that makes a profit with Saudi Arabia?  Yes, this is the other element here: Congress is happy to give away massive amounts of money and arms to Jews and then kicks the President in the shins.


Under the terms of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) Israel will receive $3.1b. in foreign military financing in the next fiscal year, followed by $3.3b. in the subsequent years, plus $500 million designated to missile defense.


While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has voiced a desire to improve ties with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said before the weekly cabinet meeting that “this is a matter that really should trouble us.”


They tried really hard to topple Netanyahu and still, he won the recent election.  So, time to kick Netanyahu in the shins and tie him to Trump and thus, get liberal Jewish voters who are not liberals at all when it comes to Jewish stuff, get the liberals some fuel to fight off Trump.


Why, baffles me greatly.  The liberal/Musim alliance is aimed at destroying feminism and Israel.  The seem to want this, the DNC is bent on doing this just like the female leaders in Europe want invaders, too.


“Saudi Arabia is a hostile country and we must ensure that Israel’s qualitative military edge is preserved. Hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons deals is something we should receive explanations about.”


The US has to explain to Israel why we make deals in Saudi Arabia?  Yup, some ‘sovereign nation’ we have here.


Intelligence Minister Israel Katz stated that “President Trump’s visit strengthens the anti-Iranian camp in the region and presents an opportunity to advance regional security and economic cooperation as a foundation for regional peace.”


So, two weeks ago, Trump was ‘bringing peace’ and now he isn’t.  The contradictions in the hot bed of religious fanaticism in the Middle East continues to broil over.  Muslims hate other Muslims, Jews hate other Jews, Muslims hate Jews, everyone hates Europe and America and want to invade/control both.


And the key factor here is the oil, the thing the Russians and Chinese are playing a game of poker which they will probably win in the long run since neither country cares about the religious lunacy there.


According to a February report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, arms imports jumped by 86% between 2012 and 2016 in the Middle East, accounting for 29% of global arms purchases, an increase of almost double from the previous five-year period due in part to conflicts raging in the Middle East.


Russia, China AND Europe all sell arms in the Middle East.


Al-Qaeda Attacks Yemen Military Checkpoint, Killing Nine: Al Qaeda was formed by bin Laden to overthrow the rulers of Saudi Arabia.  This is their main function and main goal.


AQAP did, however, control the city of al-Mukallah briefly a couple of years ago. In the period immediately after the Saudi invasion, attacks on the southern port city of Yemen forced the Houthis to shift defenses away from the coast, and AQAP seized Mukallah and several other coastal towns unopposed. Though pro-Saudi forces eventually retook some of them, AQAP still controls a lot of areas that were seen as lower priority.


As I recall, after 9/11, we are all fighting al Qaeda.  This organization was started by the Saudis and CIA to…destroy RUSSIA.  Putin is highly aware of this information which few Americans know.  Trump desperately tried to do diplomacy with Russia and was harried and harassed and investigated all to hell for trying to do basic diplomacy with Putin and just this last week, we are told, there was no conspiracy of Russian control of Trump at all.


And the mainstream media refuses to report this and continues to attack Trump, this time over something explosive: Trump paid only tens of millions of dollars in US taxes each year in the past!  How dare he?  The crazy Congress wants to know while at the same time, hiding their own tax returns.


Utterly stupid and totally deranged.  And fatal in the long run.  I believe that all alliances in the Middle East are dangerous and even stupid and we are controlled by foreign powers who work with US media giants to keep the public misinformed which is why, after 9/11, people were tricked into blaming totally innocent Iraqis for 9/11 when that was fake news.


Congress enthusiastically voted for war against innocent Iraq and invaded and committed many war crimes and nothing is fixed there, either.  It just made Iran much stronger.  But then, Iran is internally collapsing due to the stupid junk the mullahs there are imposing on the citizens.


But then, look at insane Europe: it is falling to pieces, rapidly.  Once Russia and China controls Europe’s oil systems, kiss NATO goodbye and I say, good riddance to a bunch of lazy leeches.


Now on to silly news:

Arrest the prosecutor.  She is a racist who allowed a black racist to smear white males and try to start a race riot based on a fraud by a black man.  This happens all the time, nearly all KKK graffiti ‘attacks’ are blacks trying to smear whites.  This is all under the DNC banner of ‘race wars are good.’


California police with US flag on cars is getting heat from anti-American residents who want no traces of the US flag on anything, anymore. Radical leftists call the flag ‘threatening, symbol of racism.’  They claim that if illegal aliens see this, they will run away.  So, hiding the US flag is important to leftists in order to make invaders not be scared anymore?  Yup.


The looney left in Sweden are demanding Hungary import a million angry Muslim males: Sweden, which now sees nearly 1,000 Muslim arson cases a year now, demands Hungary take in these arsonists and rioters in order to reduce the number in Sweden.  Spread the love!


In Massachusetts, a Chinese librarian at MIT is angry that white males write many books and wants these to be removed.  How dare ‘white males’ write books!  The war against ‘white males’ isn’t stopping, it is growing rapidly with constant attacks on civilization itself.  This is a good reason to limit immigration from hostile nations.



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Creepy Saudi Fashion Show Uses Drones To Fly Dresses For Men To Peruse

Saudi Fashion Show Uses Drones to Show Clothes Because Female Models Aren’t Allowed


This video shows how insane the heart of the Sunni Muslim empire operates.  It is scary, too.  SJW women in the West are desperately trying to kill feminine female events like Miss America Pageants, fashion shows that mainly show very ugly clothing and people made up as freaks, all systems depending on ‘beautiful women’ is under sustainted attack by SJW females. The pussy hate brigade is in cahoots with Muslims.

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Saudi Arabia’s Fat Rulers Form Anti-Shia Sunni World Alliance To Wage War

From 2013:  Israel and Saudi Arab Alliance against Shia muslim – YouTube


The Saudi coup continues and note how it is now working on creating a Mega-ISIS operation, that is, after failing to overthrow a non-Sunni Muslim leader in Syria and while fighting non-Sunni Muslims in Yemen, the Saudi royals who are the least liberal, the most doctrinaire Sunnis on earth are now in this ‘alliance’ with others of the same sect to basically declare war on the Shi’a believers.  Far from being ‘an Arab NATO’ it is a JIHAD that can trigger WWIII.  All this is tied into 9/11: we were attacked by Sunni mostly Saudi terrorists and responded by attacking all bystanders and enabling the Saudis to flee the US while all citizens were locked down.  The lunacy surrounding the 9/11 event has enabled the Saudi royals to escape the punishments they deserve after attacking us.

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How to Launch WWIII: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel All Talk About War With Each Other

Mahler: Symphony No. 5 / Gergiev · World Orchestra for Peace · BBC Proms 2010 – YouTube

Leading up to WWI, Gustav Mahler, a Jewish German composer and conductor wrote some of the strangest, troubled music.  His symphonies nearly always start with a military theme as this was the Kultur at the time, Germany was heading into a major confrontation with France and England and war would start anywhere and for any reasons.  I fell in love with Mahler’s music way back at the very beginning of the Vietnam War.  We were always minutes away from WWIII during that time as we are today with our Rulers insisting on keeping the fear of WWIII front and center to keep populations supporting them in their looting of our systems for their own comforts and sense of power.  Now we can see in today’s news how this criminal system is shuddering and shaking as it loses control of populations.

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UK Daily Mail Story Prince Salman Torturing Family Members

World’s Top Drug Trafficking Drug Lord was Prince Nayef Al-Shaalan.


The investigation and the flight of this Saudi prince happened a year ago and is connected to the ongoing family coup in Saudi Arabia that continues today and is growing increasingly violent.  As I predicted, this is going to rip apart Saudi Arabia at the same time Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey are hammering together a new alliance aimed at Israel, NATO and Saudi Arabia.  This was caused by the attempted coup in Turkey and the illegal NATO invasion of Iraq under Bush Jr. and the destruction of Libya engineered by Hillary and Obama.

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Secret Alliance Of Saudi Royals And Israel Jews Leaked To Al Jazeera

From my past cartoons.


Last June, Israel calls for Saudi Arabia ties and state visits which came as a shock to outsiders.  Now we have proof that this happened as someone has leaked the secret cables. Israel instructs diplomats to support Saudis: Cable | Saudi Arabia News | Al Jazeera reports today.  I have some small insight into how the Saudis operate due to my parents involvement in that country on behalf of President Nixon years ago.  This revelation is very big and very serious.

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