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Trade Wars And Bloody Wars And Ethnic Cleansing

ΩΩThe US wars against Afghanistan and Pakistan’s populations heats up to the point, Pakistan closed its borders to US travel.  US soldiers commit suicide at a faster and faster rate while our generals don’t kill themselves nearly fast enough.  And China is musing how to retaliate if we do slap tariffs only on them.  Meanwhile, the Democrats lie about jobs returning: not one job will appear here if we stop even all trade with China. Continue reading


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Trade War With China Commences With Major Tariff Threats From Congress

ΩΩThe US finally decided to start a one-sided trade war with only one country: China.  This, on top of a raging war in Afghanistan and huge budget deficits.  China will retaliate and hit us very hard where it hurts: we want a weak currency, we shall get our wish in spades.  And trust me, it will hurt, big time. Continue reading


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Obama Kills His Own Supporters While Asia Draws Daggers

ΩΩI am under tornado watch today.  Had to run around tying down stuff and preparing for high winds.  My dying oak tree that is 1,000+ years old is like a great oak galleon in full sail as all the leaves are still on and there is a considerable crown to this mighty dying tree.  And it is sailing along in the raging forest as high gusts of wind tear at it.  Our economy is like this tree: the biggest on earth and it is sailing in high winds but these are tearing it apart and it is dying.  And no one at the top is even slightly interested in fixing the riven hull where the water is pouring in. Continue reading


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Many Bonfires of Many Vanities

ΩΩMore about the Middle East later, first, we look at the evolving war of witless wills aimed directly at China.  That is, the US has openly decided to side with Japan in all matters including letting the Japanese openly manipulate their currency so they can dominate our domestic auto markets!  This suicidal siding with a dire trade rival who cynically takes advantage of our trade dilemma is typical of the US: the status quo must survive even if it is very poisonous. Continue reading


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$250,000 A Year Doesn’t Translate Into Being ‘Rich’ Anymore

ΩΩThe catastrophe which is overtaking the Japanese culture and society has also been slowly creeping up on the US.  The insidious nature of this depressive, destructive social dynamic is rooted in a desire to ZIRP things down as much as humanly possible and thus, ‘survive’.  Those who have a hand on the true levers of power, that is, the importers and political powerful, thrive and increase their wealth and political power (note all the billionaires running our government) while encouraging the populace to believe that zero interest and zero growth is perfectly fine. Continue reading


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Lost My Internet Service But Now Is Fixed

Generally speaking, for the past 5 years, I have posted at least one story a day except for when I have too intense a workload in the non-computer world. But for the first time, I couldn’t even access the internet for several days.  Yikes. End of the world.  Or not.  This computer isn’t the center of the universe (I think) but it is important to me and I missed my daily posting process.  Instead, I did tons of other useful things like getting ready for winter, building a garage, etc.  Whoopee!  Anyway, the news waits for no one and thank you all for being patient.


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Schizophrenic Status Quo: Japan Deliberately Weakens Yen, US Demands Stronger Yuan

ΩΩThe entire and only excuse for running the present floating fiat currency/no gold standard system is that currency values should restrict trade surpluses and deficits.  That is, if a country has a trade deficit, its currency was supposed to decline in value until trade balanced again.  Obviously, this stupid system has been gamed to death by export powers and currency traders working off of the backs of central banks which play currency games via their FOREX holdings and debt buying/creating operations.  And none do this more aggressively than the Bank of Japan, the originator of many of the schemes to keep a currency weaker than it really should be. Continue reading


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