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Major Earthquake Prediction Rattles Tokyo Media

The latest report that Tokyo is doomed to be hit by a major earthquake in the relative near future has interesting effects on the people there and what remains of a ‘government’: denial, laxity and fatalism.  California is in the same boat and is reacting the same way to a similar fate.  Only this is greeted with denial, laxity and drunken optimism.  Also, Tokyo has to deal with another inevitable event: one of the several volcanoes that surround that major city will erupt and the only question is, which day exactly and how deadly the eruption. Continue reading


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Why All Big Empires Die: NATO Is Rapidly Collapsing As It Widens Many Wars

The final death of Hail Britannia, Britannia rules the seas: Britain could not reclaim the Falklands if Argentina invades, warns General Sir Michael Jackson.  Britain has virtually no navy and worse, no merchant marine.  This island nation, unlike Japan, decided to kill off its entire naval history and is now a nation dependent on other naval powers to exist, to eat, to have nearly everything since it barely produces anything at all.  It is still a pirate empire with banking scams scattered all over the earth but anyone can invade with little trouble (HINT- HINT).  The dying US empire protects the sd remains of this once-vast naval empire. Continue reading


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Israel Screams For Iran War While EU Falls Off Economic Cliff With US

International corporations, financiers and Bilderberg-type secret conspiratorial societies of rich people have worked hard to make themselves incredibly rich and incredibly powerful only to destroy their own world they created.  This is what happens when unbridled greed teams up with total power: it destroys its own self.  We are watching aghast as rich people who run our media here and who control Congress have pushed everyone not just off the economic cliff but the war cliff. That is, they are pushing as hard as possible to start a ruinous war with Iran and egging on China to wage open economic warfare with us using guns and them using a mountain of US debt and dollars they hold. Continue reading


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Pentagon Mothership Sitting Duck Target For Double Dealing ‘Terrorists’


Pentagon wants commando “mothership” – The Washington Post: that is, an old ship that will sit there like the legendary sitting duck.  Yup!  Right in front of Iran!  And I do hope the crew first read about ‘The USS Liberty’: America’s Most Shameful Secret before going there since we all know who will sink the ship and strafe them in the water, don’t we?  They should all buy this book: What I Saw That Day Israel’s June 8 1967 Holocaust of US Servicemen Aboard the USS LIBERTY and its Aftermath (9781450715546): Phillip Tourney: Books Continue reading


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Iran Will Cut Off All Oil To Europe Tomorrow

There is this ancient Chinese curse: may your wishes be granted.  The US and Israel demanded that Europe threaten Iran with a full oil and bank seizure and closure unless Iran, like Iraq and Libya, disarms and lays down for a NATO invasion and occupation. Continue reading


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1975 Letter To President Ford Discussing The Gold Standard And World Trade

I got the data for today’s article from the researchers at their FOFOA before Google censored them.  I wrote to the people of FOFOA to ask them to give me their data trove so I can have an alternate location for it.  The letter here is from during President Ford’s administration.  Inflation that began during the Vietnam War/Cold War/Israel wars was really beginning to disturb people. Continue reading


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Google Is Forcing People To Sign In More And More

Lately, I have noticed that Google is trying to force me to sign in.  For example, when I go to their news collection site, sometimes it demands I sign in, sometimes it works the old way.  Google now owns Blogspot, a service I left long ago due to ridiculous levels of censorship.  Today, I tried to access a page where a gold enthusiast has collected many links to government data and information only to find it behind a Google firewall requiring I sign in! Continue reading


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