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Whenever Economic And Diplomatic Systems Must Change, Chaos Reigns Until Course Correction Improves Systems

The US Stockmarket is in a panic this last week.  Why is that?  Well, first off, wages are going up.  Now according to the Fed, rising wages=inflation.  So they will raise interest rates to return to the status quo.  Wages of the lowest working class continue to decline.  This translates into ‘women’s wages’ since they are more prone to take these jobs.  Overall, wages up until this month, were falling which is ‘sweet, sweet news’ for Wall Street.  The other factor causing stocks to crash is the SJW/BLM push to turn all forms of entertainment into torture.  So fans of sports, fans of movies, fans of anything are boycotting all systems which is causing financial hell for the virtue leftwing signalers.  Also, our trade partners are freaking out due to forcing them to have more honest trade.  Our roaring trade deficits can’t go on forever!

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Bitcoin Splits: Fake Money Can Do Anything, Being Not Real

Bitcoin: A Future Fraud Trend – YouTube


After more than two years of internecine struggles over how to expand bitcoin’s ability to quickly process transactions,the long-feared bitcoin “day of reckoning” has arrived. The bitcoin network has split into two separate blockchains, causing the creation of a new cryptocurrency twin to the original bitcoin.


Zero Hedge has lots of news about the really fake fake currency, the Bitcoin business.  Well, it has suddenly morphed yet again showing utter lack of stability, indeed, the treasure of this fake money came from its total lack of stability, it shoots up and crashes down making it a very fun toy to play with but it has zero intrinsic value, less than ‘collectibles’ and other desired objects.  It is near nothingness which is interesting to me since humans conning themselves over absolute nothingness is the ultimate in collapsing civilizations.  Reminds me of the ‘get into heaven’ money schemes cooked up by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.

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G20 Riots In Germany, Starvation Riots In Venezuela: Leftists Destroy Everything

G20 protests erupt in Hamburg ahead of summit – YouTube


This video of the demonstrations at the G20 meeting in dying Germany are most interesting to me for I once lived in Germany and gave speeches in Germany and France and thanks to my crazy child speeches, was deported after I said I would go into Leipzig, East Germany and give a speech…it is easy to be a nutty kid in Europe!  Very easy.  Well, since the 1968 student riots in Europe, young people feel they have to do one better every year so it is now a rite of passage for young people only now, they never grow up and build families and pay taxes and learn that conservative is survival.  They want to be Peter Pan forever.

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University Students Abuse Libraries—Wes Clark Begs For Forgiveness—Venezuela Communists Steal Toys

Three unrelated stories yet all are compelling and all illustrate things going wrong and people doing stupid stuff in order to make themselves look good when they are dripping with blood and stealing stuff, etc.  First, the crazy students who think college is an expensive playground where they can wreck things for fun. University students using the library for running wild, skateboarding and throwing balls, eating instead of studying:

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Bloomberg Marvels: How Does Norway Keep Inflation 2.4%?

Goldman Sachs Loses Money So Gold Prices Fall | Culture of Life News

Bloomberg knows very well the answer to this question: How Does Norway Achieve Inflation When Others Can’t? – Bloomberg Business but will NOT tell readers of his ‘news’.


Once upon a time, the only thing one could park in a central bank vault to support the value of paper money was GOLD.  And silver.  All coins of responsible societies were made from copper, gold and silver.  Countries with fake money used cheap metals like zinc.  Paper money was invented by the Chinese to replace gold only they discovered this created inflation due to money printing and adding zeros is laughably easy.

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NYT Lies About Why US Dollar Is ‘Strong’

Here is a classic example of hiring someone who knows hardly anything to bloviate about something that is fairly easy to understand.  Namely, our trade partners all do the same exact thing: they hold US dollars in their central banks to make the dollar stronger against their own currency in order to run perpetual trade surpluses with the US which is deeper and deeper in the red each generation:  The Strong Dollar Is Always Good, Except When It Isn’t – NYTimes.com


The European Central Bank significantly loosened its monetary policy on Thursday, in the process driving down the euro and bolstering the dollar. Measured against a basket of currencies, the dollar’s value has soared 19 percent since May, and the momentum seems to be building.

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Oil Wars Will End Up Killing Off US And Saudi Arabia, Not Russia

Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 6.51.22 AM

How far do oil prices have to fall to throttle the US shale boom? – Vox


It appears that the US and Saudi Arabia, that is, the country that supports torture of prisoners and the country that beheads people for not obeying the strictest form of Muslim beliefs and stones women to death for infractions like say, driving a car, are attacking Russia which is a liberal, modern country that has rights for women and no religious persecution.  The scheme is to flood the world markets with oil and then cause Putin to be unpopular and then see the Russian flounder and fail and fall apart like when they were led by the very unpopular communist party.

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